Friday, February 5, 2010

Shopping Spree! Weee!

If you know me at all, you know I love books. Love. Them. Want to know what I love even more? Cheap books!

So when Piper's school announced a used book sale as a fundraiser, I was all for it. There were tables and tables full of books for kids and grown-ups, plus dvds and vhs tapes. Pi and I browsed for what seemed like an eternity.

The school had a "fill up a bag" option, so we opted for that. They gave us a reusable bag and we were allowed to fill it to bursting for $5!!! *swoon*

Oooh, it gets better too!

On my lunch break, I decided to browse around Strand books for awhile. Normally, their craft section is pretty lacking, but I hit the motherload this time.

I got all three of these books for less than half of their regular price.

I'm such a book dork. There, I've admitted it out loud!


Andrea Moberly said...

Score! All those craft books look great - I really wanna start trying embroidery so you'll have to let me know how "Sublime Stitching" is!

Snap said...

My name is Snap and I'm a book dork, too! And, I'm glad I am! You and Pi really scored! Good for you!

Kristina P. said...

Great deal!

Bezzie said...

Oh man score! You're right. The Strand's craft section usually blows. I'm jealous!

I wish Chunky's school would do a fundraiser like that! I'm already counting down to April when the Newark Library Book Sale happens!

Caroline said...

I loved seeing your haul at the Book fair! I sooo love books to! I cracked up reading your eye appointmnet story. Not because of your discomfort, but we all have had days like that and are can everything be this hard? !! I too, am going to need glasses, but for now I just ducked in Walgreens and picked up a pair of Foster Grant readers. I wish you could've solved your problem so easy. Good Luck!

Dragonflymom said...

Oh wow, I am jealous!!! LOL

Laura said...

Awesome! Lucky you! I've always loved books too. The only books I buy anymore though are books I know I'll refer to a lot, like the occasional knitting or crochet book. If there's something else I want to read (I like nonfiction), I'll just get it from the library.

I do buy my kids books though, because I think kids should have a lot of books around. I'm glad they both like to read. My daughter still likes me to read to her every night at bedtime, even though she's 12 now. We read a lot of chapter books for preteen girls, and I really enjoy our reading time. I'm going to be sad when she decides that she's too old to be read to anymore!