Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

Today's another snow day for me. I looked out the window and saw that the roads were barely plowed and decided to stay home. My exact thought ran along the lines of "hell no!" Getting to the bus stop in all that snow would have been a nightmare. We got a total of 17 inches here.

The trees looked amazing though!

Yesterday, I finished up my secret baby project. Once it gets popped in the mail and delivered, I'll be able to show you what it is.
Pi and I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen. We made Oreo Pops for her class Valentine gift. The idea came from Our Life in Perfect Cadence. There are a ton of fun recipes and kid friendly crafts over there.

We used mini heart sprinkles for decoration and as you can see, Pi went a little nuts with them. Pi's school is closed today too, so there's no guarantee we'll actually be able to hand these out. But, I'm going to bravely volunteer to eat them if that happens, haha.

We wrapped them in lollipop wrappers and tied with curling ribbon I had on hand. Just a note...the regular lollipop wrappers are a tight fit with all that melted chocolate and sprinkles. Next time, I'll buy slightly larger wrappers.

Everyone was craving something sweet. It was so bad, that hubby planned to walk to the store in the blizzard. Ummm, no! So I volunteered to bake something. Now that I think about it, he played me like a fiddle, haha!

After checking the cabinets, we had just enough flour and the rest of the ingredients to make a Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake.

No pecans this time though, so I used quick oats. Also, to make it a bit moister than last time, I added 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. It came out soooo good.

Diet? What diet? :X


Bezzie said...

Oh yum!!! I'm jealous they let you make things to bring in. We can't even do like the packaged candy valentines, unless we buy them for the WHOLE GRADE. Bunk!

Kristina P. said...

Those Oreo pops are delightful!

And we are finally getting snow, but not like yours!

kado! said...

oh man those Oreo-pops turned out GREAT!!!! I'm craving some Oreo's now...and it's 9am! ;) I love the sprinkles you guys chose! We had school on I hope you guys did that the class could enjoy those treats!

that cake looks good...i'll have to give that one a try sometime soon!!!

Laura said...

How cute those Oreo pops are! And that chocolate chip cake looks delicious! Pi is lucky to have a mom who loves to bake. The closest my kids get to anything "baked" is brownies from a mix, or chocolate chip cookies from the packaged dough that's already in rounds (I love those things - all perfectly round and even!).