Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blankie for Lil Bean

Sorry I've been MIA this week.**

Anyway, my good friend Nikki is due to give birth to her first baby in mid-March. She's been calling him Lil Bean, which is the cutest thing ever.

I know how incredible special this is for Nikki, so I wanted to make something a little extra awesome for her. The Noah's Ark blanket seemed like the perfect thing.

excuse the bad winter light

Since Lil Bean is a boy, I tried to use boy-friendly colors and stayed away from pink and purple. That was so hard to do because I've got loads of girlie colors in my stash.

I love how the turtle shell puffs up a little. The legs and tail weren't sewn down, so that bean can tug on them.

Hubby suggested a deep orange for the elephant. I was really hesitant at first, but I'm glad I listened to him. Its just right.

The giraffe is my favorite because of the variegated horns and spots. Love him!

The body of the blanket is made with pound of love in cream and baby blue and an I hook. There's easily enough left over to make another one.

The animals were made with stash yarn. There's caron pounder (the light orange, dark and light green of the ark), red heart super saver (blue and black details), TLC heathers (blue in the turtle), and some unknown stuff (dark orange and variegated blue).

It was fun to make again and I hope Lil Bean enjoys it. I sent a bib with the blanket too, but haven't downloaded that pic yet. Hopefully I'll remember to do it this week.
**Its been a super stressful week. Too much to go into detail about, but I wanted to mention that my MIL (she lives with us) is in the hospital with double pneumonia. Cross our fingers she's better and out of the hospital soon.


Kristina P. said...

That is one of your best pieces, I think. It's adorable!

And good thoughts about your MIL. I am so sorry she has been so sick.

CraftyAshley said...

Love that blanket! Hopes your MIL can recover soon! ;-)

Andrea Moberly said...

That is so cute! Great job :)

sorry to hear about your stressful week and MIL's health. I'll keep your family in prayer!

Snap said...

Wonderful blankie! Well done. Sorry about your week and your MIL. Thinking about you.

Laura said...

That blanket is just adorable, Christina! I'm sure your friend will treasure it!

I'm sorry to hear about your mother in law - I'll pray that she has a speedy recovery.

Bezzie said...

I love this! Lucky little Bean!!

Vibes to your MIL!

Miss T said...


kado! said...

seriously, that is the CUTEST blankie I've ever seen!!!

hope your MIL feels better soon!

Dragonflymom said...

omg how incredibly adorable!!! you did an amazing job on that afghan, she will love it and so will Lil bean. LOL

Ginny said...

Great Blanket!! The animals are so cute!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

How nice! You have a nice blog.

Kelly said...

I love,love,love this!!!!
You did a great job.

Cami said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Love the blanket, super cute, looks like a lot of love went into making it.

Nikki said...

Christina, months later I finally come here and say "Thank you!" because this was one of the most unique and beautiful gifts we received.