Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trip to the Eye Doctor

The story of how I saw the eye doctor...almost.

Me: Hey self, its been about 8 years since you got new glasses. Everything is sort of really blurry now. Maybe its time to go and get a new pair. *makes appointment. with doctor in town*

Day of Appointment:

- Wake up at 4am and leave at the crack of dawn to get to work by 6:30am, so I can leave at 2:30pm to make it back to NJ for 4:20pm appointment.

- Blasted traffic is slowing the bus. Call doctor's office at 3:50 to confirm I will be there by 4:10 or so. Receptionist informs me if I am not there at 4:15, she will cancel appointment.

- Confusion. Appointment is at 4:20, but if I'm not 5 minutes EARLY, I get the boot. Ummm, whachutalkinbout Willis?

- Get off bus at 4:13 and sprint down Elm street to doctor. Boy, I'm out of shape.

- Realize that this is my own personal Nightmare on Elm Street. (couldn't resist).

- Narrowly avoid the receptionist from hell cancelling the appointment.

- Wait an hour with all the other suckers who are clearly cowering from the aforementioned receptionist from hell.

- Doctor calls me in and proceeds to tell me he can't see me. Because ...wait for this now... I have eye problems (duh!) and he feels that my case is too "complicated" for him.

- Me: check sign on door. Confirm that I didn't confuse my gyn appt. with the eye appt. No, nope...I'm in the right place.

- Doctor refers me to my pediatric eye doctor that last saw me over 8 years ago.

- Me: But...but... I'm a grown-up now. What if he won't see me?

- Doctor shrugs and says I should ask for a referral to someone else in that case.

- Desperation sets in.

- Me: I just want new glasses. GLASSES! Not surgery! Not amazing new technology! Not even good waiting room magazines. Just glasses!

- Doctor waves goodbye.


Its probably going to take me another 8 years before I can go through all that trouble to get to an eye doc again. And, betcha they bill my insurance for this "visit!"


Andrea Moberly said...

boo for the nasty eye dr! Come visit Indianapolis and I'll hook you up with a great one :)

Snap said...

Good grief!

Laura said...

How funny that you just wrote this, because I'm headed to the eye doctor myself for an exam and new glasses in a couple of hours (took the day off from work)! Last time I got my eyes checked was 3 years ago, and I know my vision has gotten worse in the meantime.

And WTF??? You got referred to a pediatric eye doctor, even though you're in your 20's???

I have a lazy eye (yes, I forgot the medical term for it), have had glasses since I was in kindergarten (unfortunately), and nearly no eyesight in one eye. If a regular eye doctor can examine my eyes, as screwed up as they are, I'm sure one could handle yours. Sounds like that eye doctor is just lazy!

I've been to a lot of eye doctors over the years, but the best place I've found is Pearle Vision. Their glasses are well made, and are the best fitting ones I've had. I hate those one hour type places - everytime I've gone to one, I've been unhappy with the glasses I've gotten.

I hope you have better luck wherever you end up going for an exam!

CrochetDad said...

Wow! You go to the "eye doctor" because you think you need new glasses and he says he "can't see you because your eyes are bad".

I don't get it! Yes, I'm sure they'll bill your insurance company for this "visit". Your insurance company will probably drop your coverage because you had a pre-existing condition (your "eyes are bad").

Karen said...

I would complain to insurance company if they bill for this visit that wasn't a visit.

You want the name/number of my guy in the city? you wouldn't have to fight traffic to get there....

Kristina P. said...

That's ridiculous! And weird.

T. Joi said...

Good gracious. How ridiculous. I would suggest that eye doctor go back to school. How do you graduate with a degree and then tell someone their eyes are to bad for you to handle??? Get loss. Good luck in the furture...

Bezzie said...

Yikes. What a doofus. If they charge your insurance complain to the insurance company AND the dr. After all HE'S the one billing the insurance company.
It's been 8 years since I've been myself...I need to go too, but this isn't very heartening!

kado! said...

are you freaking serious????? That is Insane!!! i have a great eye Dr. who is OK with difficult cases cause I have a messed up eye from a car accident that includes former eye-tramua so....if it comes down to it and you wanna come to Long Island I'll hook you up with his #...and even met you there for lunch afterwards!