Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Diaper Cupcake

In my last post, I mentioned that I needed to give a co-worker a baby shower gift and was going to give some of the tawashi washcloths I'd made. I also whipped up these Little Button Loafers by Sylver as the centerpiece of my gift. I love these little booties! They're sturdy and really warm. Check out those cute buttons!

I made a diaper cupcake (aka mini diaper cake) as the last minute gift. Really, it should be called the after minute gift because the baby shower was the week before last, but in my deadline focused mind, I totally forgot! I'm not particularly close to this co-worker, so I didn't want to go nuts making an afghan and thought this was a cute alternative.
First, you roll up 7 size 1 diapers. Arrange them in a circle and rubber band them together. Wrap ribbon around to hide the rubber band.

I bought a set of 3 baby washcloths at the dollar store and rolled one into a washcloth lollipop. Stick the washcloth lollipop and a baby spoon (also bought at the dollar store) into the center diaper so they're standing in the middle. Fold the remaining 2 washcloths into triangles and place one on each side of the lollipop/spoon.

Layer the tawashi washcloths on top and add the baby booties to the top of the pile.

Wrap the whole thing in some tulle and finish off with some ribbon. The tulle will keep everything in place and make it look alot fancier than it actually is. Tada!

I'm especially proud of myself because this gift didn't cost much. I already had the diapers, buttons and ribbon on hand from a diaper wreath I made last year. I bought the washcloths for a buck, the spoon for a buck, and the tulle for a buck. I crocheted the booties from yarn leftover from the Cathedral Rose Window and the tawashi washcloths are from cotton I was gifted in a ROAK. That makes a grand total of 4 bucks if you count the small gift bag I bought to put this in. Not bad if I do say so myself!

Its back to the work grind today. I guess I can't complain much...I had an awesome week off with awesome weather to boot! The kiddo starts school on Wednesday. She's not exactly thrilled about it.


Mimi said...

That is marvelous, Christina! I was delighted to see it all wrapped up. The materials didn't cost much, but your time and talent is worth a lot ;)

Bezzie said...

Clever!!! I love it!

Bezzie said...
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Anonymous said...

this gift looks like something you would pay a lot of money for in a store. it looks great!! anony joyce

Laura said...

Very cute! And what new mom couldn't use a lot of diapers?

Wow, Piper goes back to school late. I'm amazed how schools in other states often don't start back until after Labor Day. It seems the majority of schools in Ohio - public or private - go back around the third week of August, or early in the 4th week. Mine are still griping about going back to school, but when they were home all day, the just complained that they were bored.

Melissa said...

I like the idea of the diaper cupcake! LOL I just helped my sister put together a diaper cake. It was a big 3 tier cake. Those things are hard to make!

Anyways, your diaper cupcake looks great! I'm sure it will be loved.

Zuleika said...

What a sweet gift! I absolutely love those little slippers. The tawashis came out great. I need to get crackin and make some for myself! :-)