Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thwarted by the scrapghan!

I'm starting to think this scrapghan just doesn't want to get done. I started this in May 2007 and was hoping to finish it by Christmas as a gift for my mother. Then in September 07, my mom and I had a huge, gigantic, nasty blowout and I put it away, vowing it would be destroyed before given to her.

We sort of made up after Christmas and are on much better terms now, so I pulled it out, hoping to finish it by this Christmas. I was able to add 6 rows of the waves and reached the 1/3 mark. Then, the impossible! I ran out of Caron pounders in black!


Since I was doing the daisy ghans, it seemed I had an endless supply of black pounders. When I went into the closet to get another and realized there were none left, I hung my head in defeat. The scrapghan is stalled again. I won't have a car anytime soon to get to the Joanns or Michaels in Staten Island and I won't place an online order for just 1 skein. Hopefully, I'll get to go before November and give myself enough time to get it done before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I've started a project for my 20 year old sister. I won't say what it is yet because I know she and her boyfriend read my blog once in awhile. Sorry Inky Binky! You'll have to wait until December. heehee

Have I mentioned I'm petrified slightly intimidated by my sewing machine? I think I'd rather tackle an alligator than the sewing machine. When I look at it, it stares back at me in a menacing way. So I've decided to conquer it with the help of a professional. I'm taking a sewing class! I won't be learning on *my* machine, but I will be learning on *a* machine with hands on help for my first try. I'm a visual learner, so I'm hoping when I see it in person that I should catch on and be able to practice with confidence afterwards.


Laura said...

Well, the scrapghan is pretty so far! Don't feel bad - I know very few people who have perfect relationships with their moms. Mine thinks the sun and moon revolve around my 2nd oldest sister. It's become a family joke among me and the rest of my siblings.

Anyway, I know what you mean about sewing. I don't own a machine, but if I did, I'd be totally intimidated trying to figure out how to operate one on my own. Good luck with the sewing class!

Bezzie said...

Ha ha, I was the same way with The Beast (my machine). It didn't help that my machine really isn't that great of quality.

Is that Joann's in SI any good? That's the closest one to me too and I've seen some crappy Joann's in my time. I don't want to waste the gas for a crappy one!

Karen said...

It's pretty so far!

Can't you order it from Joann's/Michael's online?

Lesalicious said...

Best of luck with finishing your moms scrapghan. I also started on my mom a throw blanket and hoping to finish it by Christmas also.

Good luck with your sewing class. You will get the hang of it. Iam still learning as I get older about sewing and I am 27 and been sewing since 12 so a lot of things I am still learning as time goes on. Books and the net helps alot for me. Also I ask a lot of blogger friends of mines that sew also. Also when it comes to sewing machine they are all not to different most works the same as the others.:)Dang just typing about sewing makes me want to go sew lol.:) Good luck can't wait to see your finish sewing project.:)

Subway Hooker said...

I love the scrapghan - it's beautiful.

Please take it from me - make up with your mom.

Cami said...

It is beautiful. I hope you get it done in time.