Sunday, September 28, 2008

I sewed a tote bag!

Yesterday was the last day of sewing classes. Cal was nice enough to invite us to come in early, so we would have enough time to finish up our bags.

This is the little waiting area at Etsy Labs. Normally, Gertie (Cal's cute little dog) would be napping here but she had to stay home.

At out work areas.

My bag on its way to being stitched together. In hindsight, picking a striped fabric probably wasn't the best idea for my first project.

Double vision + stripes = ALOT of stripes!

I've learned that even with good lighting, my glasses are a very very good thing. I was attaching the handles here and attached them too close the edge at first. When I picked the bag up, the handle fell right off. Oops!

Cal snapped a pic while I was showing her that the handles were really attached this time.

Tada! You might notice that after I squared off the bottom of the purse, the pocket turned out wider than the actual purse iteself. Second oops! I intended to use that pocket for patterns, so as long as its a soft magazine or paper pattern, it shouldn't be a problem.

Check out Cal's awesome penguin dress!

Dear tomato pincushion, I hope you and I (let's not forget our sewing machine either) will have many hours of creativity together.


Laura said...

The bag looks great! I suspect you'll be whipping out lots of great sewing projects soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, very cool!! My very first sewing project, in school, was a velvet caped blouse.

Lesalicious said...

OH wow loving Christina and her new tote bag WAY COOL. Now can I have Christinas creative tote bag. PLEASE LOL. Keep up the great work.

Now sewer in the blogging world.

Oh P.S I know by now you won sorry haven't email you to let you know but, I knew you would have found out. But, will email you letting you know I mailed off your goodies. Hope you love everything. Oh also some of the things isn't just for the contest winner some of the things I wanted to send you anyway but, since you won I don't have to worry about sending off 2 packages now.:)

Bezzie said...

Very nice!!! And yeah, I remember my mother cursing stripes as a seasoned sewer--I stay away from them!

Cami said...

It turned out fantastic! Great job!

Caroline said...

Yeah for you and yeah for sewing! I knew you would get the hang of it!Love the fabric you picked out for your tote!

Andrea Moberly said...

Very nice :) I knew you could do it if you just got over the initial fear of "the machine". Keep it up and you'll be giving me tips (seriously, you probably could already... i just sew rectangles into burp cloths!)

Ally said...

That is awesome! My 1st sewing project a week ago was a...diaper! Haha. I love that penguin dress, so pretty!

I love your blog too, you are too funny!

colly mack said...

Your bag came out so cute! Thanks for putting up these photos. It was great meeting you in class.