Thursday, September 18, 2008

Make Workshop

Mickey #who-can-keep-count-anymore made its appearance and farewell last night. Its not even cold weather yet and the fun is already picking up. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the bees that were stalking us seemed to disappear after the Cherry Blossom in the backyard lost its flowers (you were right Bezzie).

We had planted some corn in the back along with the pot veggies and as of yesterday morning, the corn was growing really nicely. As of this morning, some little animal (can anyone say squirrel) picked off all the corn and knocked over the corn plants. I hope the little sucker blows himself up in a power line. Um, yeah, not a fan of wildlife. Do squirrels even count as wildlife? :X

In crafty fun, Laura mentioned to me that there was another place in the city that had sewing lessons called Make Workshop. It was a funny coincidence because I'd just bought this book by Diana Rupp, the Make Workshop owner (with a hefty coupon that let me buy it for super cheap!).

The book comes with 10 beginner patterns plus a whole load of information with detailed pictures. I read this book from cover to cover the other day. I think I learned a lot and I'm sure I'm going to be using this as a reference guide. I'm wondering if I should put it under my pillow and pray for osmosis, like I did with my high school textbooks.

I've been practicing loading a bobbin and threading the machine. It doesn't seem quite as daunting after you've done it a few times. I can't wait for my second lesson!

I've got a really cool (in my humble opinion) FO to show, but didn't get to take a picture before I lost good light. I'll try to get it up tomorrow. I know I won't have time tonight because its the first night of Girl Scout's.


Bezzie said...

Bah! I can't believe the squirrels got your corn! I feel the way you do about squirrels about pigeons.

T. Joi said...

Just another inspiration...

Lesalicious said...

I have that book and totaly love it. It does inspire you to the fullest. Also another book you may like is called Generation T by Megan nicolay. This book I noticed I take to the heart. Because they do a lot of reusing in the book that is way easy. Yet to try any of the projects but, I am hooked on reusing taking old to make new again. Also since you is getting into the sewing world check out where you can meet other sewers and get lots of questions asked. Keep on sewing.:)

Anonymous said...

I miss my sewing machine that I had back in America!!!!

Laura said...

Awww, I think squirrels are cute! But I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to eat any of the corn though.

You've got to convince your landlord to let you get a cat. Tell him cats are cheaper than exterminators (and work better too), LOL!

I have that book too! I got it from this Crafters' Choice book club a while ago. It has some really cute projects. Of course, not owning a sewing machine, the book won't do me any good yet!