Monday, September 29, 2008

The Magic Ring

Two people have asked what the magic ring is in the last few days, in regards to starting the Husband Hat. Since I don't have an email to reach either of you, here's the link.

The Magic Adjustable Ring

Have fun!

P.S. - am I the only one who is seriously debating NOT opening my 401k statement when it comes next month? :X


Mimi said...

Can you believe I have only just recently took the magic ring seriously and applied it?...I have been so used to just ch 2, and work the sts in the first ch.

Bezzie said...

To a non crocheter I thought Magic Ring sounded kind of dirty--of course I had to click!

I get my IRA statement quarterly, ain't no way I'm opening it!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the magic ring! (After reading bezzie's post, I feel perverted now,,,,)

Lorena said...

I will not be opening my 401K statement either...If I don't look at it, it can't be that bad right?