Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cute Tawashi Designs

I received the Cute Tawashi Designs pattern by Mimi. They're adorable! Mimi's pattern calls for rug yarn to use the Tawashi designs as scrubbies. I thought they would make great baby washcloths if made in cotton. The flower design is really clever because it allows you to use a contrasting color for the core of the petals.

These were made with a single strand of Sugar and Creme cotton with an F hook. They're just the right size for a baby washcloth. I'm going to be including these in a small baby shower gift I need to give a co-worker later this week. I'm hoping to have that finished and posted by tomorrow or Tuesday.

When I was cleaning out closets and organizing stash last week, I found a small baggie with more scrap yarn. Perfect opportunity to make some charity squares for the August charity at Crochetville.

I love the funky color combos that come together when using scrap yarn that I wouldn't otherwise think to throw together.


Aurora said...

Those are cute!

Laura said...

Pretty squares, and the little scrubbies are cute too!

Bezzie said...

I like the little footie washcloths. That is a good idea for a quickie baby present!

Mimi said...

So glad to see your project posted on Ravelry, Christina!
They look soft and pretty nice in cotton, mom and baby will love it!
Lovely squares too, the colors do match ;)

Lesalicious said...

WTG Chrisina, very cute.:)