Friday, September 26, 2008

In a rut.

I've been in a rut for the past week. Everything I've tried to crochet just isn't turning out right. After a few futile attempts at some projects I had on my list, I tried a simple dc scarf and even that was giving me problems. So I put the hook down for a few days and have been reading instead.

I just finished a book called Flight and it was really enjoyable. It was a murder mystery cop type book. Great suspense!

I've also been under the weather a bit and have been going to bed earlier than usual. I don't know if its the beginning of a cold or if its allergies kicking in. I'm fairly new to allergies and can't always tell the difference between symptoms. Pi hasn't been feeling too hot either.

Tomorrow is my last sewing class, which I'm sad about. I'm definitely going to bring my camera and get some pics.

Anyway, I apologize for my lack of anything interesting to show or talk about.


Bezzie said...

I'd say a cold. It's back to school cold season. I'm just getting over one!

Caroline said...

I hope its just a short fall cold! I love your bowling pins, the color choices were right on for a toddler. Feel better!

Laura said...

I hear you. I get like that with the crocheting sometimes too.

I love crime mysteries! But more the true crime ones, rather than fiction.

I hope it's just a cold too, but if it keeps coming back, or seems to persist, it wouldn't hurt to get checked by an allergist/immunologist to see if you do have allergies.

My son had a cold the year before last that seemed to last for months, and after taking him to a pediatric immunologist, I found out that he's allergic to a bunch of things - cats (mild), dogs (much more so), dust mites, and pollen. It's funny - both he and my daughter have allegies and asthma, and his allergies are worse than his asthma, while her asthma is worse than her allergies.

I hope you feel better soon.