Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I received my swap swap gals swap!

I received my Swap Swap Gals package from Caroline yesterday! Its an awesome swap package! Me encanta!!!

She sent me a large fat bottom bag in one of my favorite colors - pink! Its a cool coincidence because my maiden name means "pink" in Spanish! The size rocks because as anyone who's ever seen me carry a purse knows the bigger the better!

She also sent a change purse (Pi keeps eyeing it) and the cutest little bird. My husband assumed the bird was a chicken or a rooster since I'm Puerto Rican. He's such a cracker!

Check out the lining...pink camoflouge! With pockets! I can't sew a lick, so the pockets really impressed me!

Here's the flower with a brooch in the middle. I love purse bling.

Speaking of purse bling, Caroline also attached a cute heart keychain (Pi is also eyeing that).

Thank you so much Caroline! The package is wonderful!!!

If anyone was curious what shawl I mentioned to Joyce in yesterday's post, its this one from Amazing Crochet Lace by Doris Chan. Anony Joyce and I e-mail each other back and forth a few times a week about our crochet projects and things we have in mind. I mentioned that I wanted to try this one for my mom for Mother's Day.

Time is short, but I think I can do it. I'm going to use Caron Simply Soft in dark pink instead of what's recommended. 1. Because that's what I have on hand with enough yardage and 2. Mom wears alot of black, so I think a pink shawl will pop with her all black outfits and 3. She's always complaining how cold her office is, even in the summer.

There are 20 pattern repeats, so I figure if I do 5 a day starting today, I can be done by Friday and let it lay flat on Saturday for minimal blocking. I say minimal because acrylic doesn't always block well, but it doesn't hurt to try.

What are you peeps up to for Mother's Day?


Bezzie said...

Love that purse!!!!

Not much here for Mother's Day. I told the hub that last weekend covered that just fine ;-) and my mom's out of calling range as she'll be way up north at littlest sister's graduation.

CraftyAshley said...

What a great package! Good luck with making your shawl and keeping your purse away from Pi! All looks great. I have no plans for mother's day. Too sick to do much of anything right now. lol

Laura said...

I'm up to nothing for Mother's Day, partly because with the job situation I have no extra money to do anything, and mostly because I'll be exhausted by then with all the preparations for my sister's wedding on Saturday, and the wedding itself. It's going to be nonstop busyness from about 7in the morning until who knows when at night. I hope my kids will hold up.

About the only thing I might do is stop at my mother's house on Sunday to give her the poncho I crocheted for her.

The bag is just beautiful (I love the flower and keychain!) - pink is my favorite color, so : )

The shawl looks like it'll be really pretty - it would take me months to make something that elaborate.

Lesalicious said...

I am so loving your package from Caroline oh so nice. So when can I have it lol. For mother's day I may take my mom out to dining. But, I am in the progress of making my mom a shawl:)

Mimi said...

The pink bag is awesome! I sew, but quite lazy to make the lining look professional as that.

Anonymous said...

that fat bottom bag is awesome!! The color is great, how does she sew pockets inside???? Ok Chris, one day we can aim to be able to sew pockets :) The shawl is gorgeous and I think your mom is going to love it! However, I can't help but think the grandma's are going to be jealous. I still didn't get anything for my mom! I am a slacker! Anony Joyce

Caroline said...

Yippeee! I'm so glad you got your purse. I so hoped you would like it. I worried and worked hard on it just for you! I'm glad I picked rosado for a Rosado!

Laurah said...

You're one step ahead of me mother's day wise! I've got to pick a pattern v. soom. I think it will be something small.
That pink purse is so neat! The bling and the lining with the pocket is very nice. I also think the bigger the better. The bird is so cute. I really want to try some amigurumis soon.
Can't wait to see the shawl progress! It looks like a beautiful pattern!

Cami said...

Love the purse, so lucky! Ashley has been making alot of the FBB lately and I have been dying to try one. Maybe someday I will get enough time that i will actually do it. Oh, and I love the shawl pattern. I think it would look amazing and your mom would love it. Good luck

Amanda said...

You've been tagged! See my blog for rules!