Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First time mommies

Two of my friends, Kiki and Ozlem, celebrated their first Mother's Day this year. Kiki's baby Andreanna is almost 8 months old and Ozlem's baby Antalya is 10 months old. I wanted to do a little something special for them to celebrate.

I used the Simply Sweet Halter Top by Chelle of Luv2Crochet. These were made with Lion Brand Cottonease in the color Berry and an I hook. I LOVE the Cottonease colorway. So pretty!

Andreanna's halter is made in size 12 months. Kiki said she's growing like a weed and is already almost wearing a size 12 months!

Here's the back, showing the ribbon bow.

Antalya's halter is made in a size 18 months. Big babies around here! You can tell its wider because there are more shells across the top. I also weaved the ribbon in differently for a slightly different look. Believe it or not, this is the same color, but the lighting was different when I took this picture.

Man, I remember my first Mother's Day. I was proud that I was getting the hang of the mother thing! At 19, I was petrified that I was going to do something wrong. I'd babysat bunches of times, but its different when you've got your own munchkin. Even though I made first timer mistakes like all parents, the kid is loved, safe, healthy, and happy (except when she's moaning about how unfair life is of course because a bedtime is SO uncool). I gotta say...being a mom is the coolest job ever!


Bezzie said...

That's a cute halter!!!

I've been looking at the old baby pics of Chunky and I see myself and see what a young punk kid I was--how the hell did I know what to do??? I guess it just kicks in doesn't it?!

Laura said...

The halters are just beautiful! I love the color!

I had my daughter at 24, and my son at 29, and it still felt overwhelming at times. I admire you for doing so well raising a baby at 19.

Karen said...

I was 25 when Dan was born, and now at 33, I'm STILL not sure I'm doing things "right"! :)

Hey, while sorting thru things/packing, I found some free, no expiration dates, passes to the Bklyn Children's Museum. Want them?

Andrea Moberly said...

What cute baby stuff :) I love making baby girl things! You did a great job!

Lesalicious said...

Very cute. LOVE IT. Looks so soft and love the color. I had my oldest when I was 21 I remember those days barely know what to do let along dress a baby lol.:)Was glad I had girls they was easier to shop for lol. :)

Great job Christina

Laurah said...

Those are so cute! I've been eyeing the peasant top for a long time. Her patterns are so lacy and cute for little girls. Those will be perfect for summer. That pink yarn is beautiful, too!

Caroline said...

Love, love , love the halter. Que mona!

CraftyAshley said...

Those are so cute! I can't remember my first mother's day that is probably my daughter wasn't even 2 months old and I was very sleep deprived. lol That is so nice of you to think of them,

Mimi said...

Lovely baby girl gifts!
Good for you, being a young mom and liking it ;)

2kute said...

I was also 19 and had twins!!! somehow you get a hang of it. Your halters are adorable.

Zuleika said...

OMG that is adorable!! I remember my first mothers day. I was only 17, and it was really a weird experience since I was used to celebrating my mother and now here I was, a mother too. :-) Now 3 kids later, it's seems like just yesterday!

Bennance said...

Hi, Christina.
I love your blog, your crochet is awesome! I saw your post on Crochetville about the dolls you made at Christmas, and checked your archives for the dolls. They're awesome! Now my daughter wants me to make her one. What yarn did you use? I'm having trouble finding good "skin -colored" yarn, and would love a recommendation. Please let me know!
--nancy (nlchouinard@yahoo.com)