Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy First Communion Piper!

Today was Pi's First Holy Communion and it was beautiful! Pi did a reading in front of the whole church and she rocked! We weren't allowed to take pics inside the church, so here are a few shots from after the ceremony and brunch.

Pi and her grandpa (my dad)

The beading on Pi's veil.

Pi and her grandmother (Pi's dad's mom)

Pi + steak = love

Happy Communion....Great Grandpa! The doll he's holding is a Precious Moments communion doll. Pi's name and today's date is embroidered on the skirt of the doll.

This cake was so good! It's chocolate with cheesecake filling and buttercream frosting. It was so sweet, I felt my face tingling from the sugar. Mmmm!

Mimi inspired me to get a "Four Generation" picture, so here are four generations of women in my family.
Pi, mom, Grandma, and me! I hope Pi will treasure this picture when she's older.

The weather was perfect today. I was so worried it would rain, but it was sunny and warm. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Pi was pretty happy too...I didn't cry my head off at the ceremony! ;)
P.S. - Janet (auntbubbels from c-ville) and I are going to the Smiley's yarn sale tomorrow. Nothing over $1.99! One of my co-workers went today and said there was a line around the block just to get in! Let's hope there's still yarn tomorrow!


Caroline said...

Pi looks absolutely beautiful. What a gorgeous dress and veil. You must be so proud! The abuelitos are beaming too. Thanks for sharing such a happy day.

Laurah said...

The beading on the veil is such a beautiful touch. You daughter looks so grown up in her gown! I'm glad you had a good time. I love the picture of all four generations.
Good luck at Smiley yarns- what a deal!

Bezzie said...

Oh so pretty! I must say that I am most impressed she ate chocolate cake and didn't get any on her dress--I would have been a stained mess!

Laura said...

What beautiful pictures! The dress is gorgeous!

Pi's hair looks so pretty straight! I can't straighten my daughter's hair myself - I have to take her to the salon to get it done. She'd love to have it permanently straighted, but I would miss her curls.

Congratulations on the First Communion!

Lucky you to get to go to Smiley's! I don't think I'd mind waiting that long for yarn, LOL! Now, for a 23 cent pizza (Papa John's pizza chain here in Cleveland had 23 cent pizzas for one day, a few weeks ago, and the one by my house had over 300 people in line), no thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you for not crying!!!! All of the pictures are beautiful!

Lesalicious said...

Congrats Pi, OH WOW Pi looking oh so pretty. Loving that veil so cute.:)
Christina I know you totally had to be oh so proud of Pi:)


CraftyAshley said...

Mmmmm.... that cake looks good!

Anonymous said...

Pi looked gorgeous!! What a beautiful dress! That smile on her face says it all. What a great day for a proud mom :) Anony Joyce

Mimi said...

Pi's dress is beautiful and she looked so pretty! What a wonderful day, so glad you shared a lot of pictures...they all look great! I wish I had my own four generations pic...Pi would surely treasure it many years from now ;)
Btw, I don't think my sister remembers that photo of hers, so I'm going to surprise her with a framed copy on her birthday ;)

Aurora said...

Pi is so pretty.......great pictures.