Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Early Mother's Day!

My family celebrated an early Mother's Day today, so that we can all use tomorrow as a low key, relaxing day.

I actually finished the shawl for Mom on time. Its the Alleghany Moon Mobius shawl from Amazing Crochet Lace by Doris Chan. Here's what it looked like on Thursday night. I don't have proper blocking materials, so I used my trusty ironing board.

I was really worried that my acrylic "blocking" wouldn't work, but as you can see, it did!

Here's Mom with the shawl on. Its a perfect fit!

Why couldn't I have been born with her hair?

My mother's day gift to dirty Grandma was to treat her to some pampering and a haircut. She was feeling pretty good after her haircut. She told the stylist that she was ready to look for a man with.... alot of "meat." Yeah, she actually said meat!

My uncle and his baby were in town, so we also got to visit with the cutest baby on earth, Jaylianna.

After visiting with my Uncle's family, we headed over to my cousin Jeannie's house for a Pre-Mother's Day bbq. It was small and cozy, with only about 20 people there. Pi loved the old fashioned wooden swing attached to a tree in the yard.

A bird made a nest in my cousin's window. She's not sure what kind of bird layed these eggs, but she's guessing a Robin. Its pretty neat that she can watch the progession of these egga right out of her window!

I get along best with animals and munchkins. I've been surrounded! The non-Christina-spawn children in this pic are my cousins. The three of them decided to have a sleepover, so Pi isn't home with me now. She's a mother's day flatleaver! The dog is a pug named Ally, who fell asleep in my lap.

As Ally was sleeping on my lap, she threw a loaded fart. Oh yeah, the dog took a small crap on me! Go Ally! I had to clean off my pants and pray I didn't smell too bad until I could get home, shower, and change clothes. Its not a Mother's Day celebration without someone crapping a pair of pants. Usually, its a baby, but not today. Lucky me! haha! :)
Happy Mother's Day my friends!


Laura said...

The shawl is beautiful! I love the color!

That's funny about your grandma, and also the dog, LOL!

Happy Mother's Day! : )

Lesalicious said...

Awww look at the family so cute. Your mom is so pretty. Love the shawl so cute. I know she just have to so love it.:)

Happy Mother's Day have a great day.:) I know I will totally try myself.:)

Laura said...

P.S. Your mom does have pretty hair, but I think yours is so pretty too - it's just like my Bethany's hair (except hers is coarser).

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day! That shawl is just GORGEOUS!!! And I enjoyed looking at the other pics! it seems you had a really nice time!

Bezzie said...

That shawl is beautiful! Dude, your mom looks old enough to be your sister!!

Mimi said...

Lovely shawl, you have a lovely family. Would be great to have a "four generations of women" portrait ;)

Anonymous said...

ok, Pug farts are the worst so i can totally relate!! The shawl came out so pretty and that is not what I pictured your mom to look like. She is beautiful and you can definitely tell you 2 are related. Did she love the shawl?? It looks great on her and what a great color!! I love dirty grandma and her dirty liners!! Happy belated Mothers day!! Anony Joyce

CraftyAshley said...

Sounds like a packed pre mother's day! That is gross about the dog. Dog's are crazy! Your mom's shawl turned out great! She looks great in it!And your grandma is so cute. She said "meat", lol!

Caroline said...

Sooooo fun to see your mom modeling the shawl. It's darling! She's darling! Sounds like you had fun and family over Mother's Day!