Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up and Great news!!

The weather was gorgeous yesterday, but we had an inside day because my Pipster has had a bad cold and fever this weekend. Even when she feels like crap, she's still a jumping bean and gets bored really easily. What to do with a sick kiddo that can't go outside? Crafts!

I had a bunch of these fake flowers left over from her 2008 and 2009 Easter Bonnet parade hats. They've been cluttering my craft bag and I wanted to do something with them and didn't know what, until my mom gave me a heart shaped styrofoam wreath that she'd never used.

I pulled the wreath and flowers out, armed Piper with a low temp glue gun and let her go wild (until she got bored and I finished it, haha). Now we've got a Spring wreath for the front door. Considering an 8 year old did most of it, it looks really good.

Karen asked me to show pics of our pathetic gardening attempts so far. This snap pea plant is one of the only ones thriving. Figures...I hate peas!

This pot is growing sunflowers. Those are my favorite flowers, so I'm crossing my fingers that they keep thriving.

These 2 pots have the cherry tomatoes. As you can see, they're looking pretty pathetic.

Over here were the basil, oregano, bell peppers, and tomatoes. These seedlings never grew. Super epic fail.

So there's my sad little garden. Looks like the vegetable stand will be seeing a lot of me this summer.
In awesome, fabulous, wonderful, dance on the ceiling's biopsy came back negative! Yay! After her surgery this coming Wednesday, we can all breathe a bit easier.


Andrea Moberly said...

that IS great news! Glad to know your family is all well now :)

Karen said...

Aw, all the empty starters make me sad. Don't give up it again next year!! Or go to Home Depot/Lowes and pick up seedlings. I think seedlings are easier to care for/grow than from seed.

Glad that the family is well!!

T. Joi said...

Great job Piper!!! I am happy to know your mother is in the clear. Nothing worse than waiting for results...

Snap said...

Pi did a great job on the wreath. Gardens need to be talked to and you guys are too busy! ;D Besides, going to the farmers market is fun -- people watching and fresh veggies. ;D So happy to hear about your Moms biopsy.

Kristina P. said...

I'm so glad your mom is OK! And your garden will be fabulous, I'm sure.

Cadance said...

Great news about your mom!

I love the flower wreath! She did a Wonderful Job!!!!

Bezzie said...

Woo hoo to your mother!!

How warm did you keep your herbs? They like it warm at first. And for a long time...But once you get basil and oregano going, oh man.

Maybe thin out your cherry tomatoes? I one plant per pot seems to work best. More than one and I"ve never had any luck getting them to grow that great.

Laura said...

I'm so glad your mom is OK! I have zero luck with plants, especially growing from seeds. I love peas though - too bad we live so far apart! : ) I like sunflowers, but my favorite flowers are spring flowers, especially pansies.

The wreath is very pretty, by the way!

Lorena said...

That's great news about your mom!
the flower wreath is so pretty! She did and excellent job!
just see what happens with your can always try again next season.