Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute

Today's Tuesday's Tribute is to unexpected guests and the joy they (sometimes)bring.

Normally, I'm not one who gets excited over an unexpected guest. Usually, I'm miffed that they didn't call first to let me know they were coming. This probably wouldn't be such a huge issue if I chose to change out of pj's during the weekend, but that's neither here nor there.
When a guest is expected, I'll have nice things waiting like cupcakes, snacks, and drinks. If you're unexpected, good luck getting fed. There might be some Rice Krispies Treats or scrape-the-bottom ice cream if you're super lucky.
I don't always stick to these rules though. Sometimes, an unexpected guest is very welcome. Like when they bring pizza or wine. You can come right on in then! Once in awhile, an unexpected guest (or two) will show up with no food or wine, but they bring an immense amount of joy just the same.
These little guys showed up at my house today. I'm just a pit stop for them along the way. They plan on staying here just about a month before heading off to Kristie's Toy Drive. They were worried that I was stressed about making my 20 toy goal, since I've been preoccupied with my parents' medical issues, and decided to join my toy parade to boost the number of toys I had. Obviously, they couldn't mail themselves, so we have to thank the Kansas Hooker for helping them make their way here.
The pattern for these guys is HERE
Who knew an octupi (octupuses?) could provide a much needed boost? I was filled with a tremendous amount of warmth and joy to be reminded that there are people are filled with kindness. They give of themselves for the sake of giving and not expecting a thing in return. Thanks so much amiga! Your kindness really made my day...and will make the day of two kiddos who will adopt them August.
Two more toys decided to join the ranks for the toy drive as well. I'd completely forgotten these finished amis were in the closet. While looking for a particular ball of yarn, they jumped out at me, apparently tired of living in the stash.
The fairy is a pattern I tested and not sure if it is available. The frog is my Big Headed Frog. You can find the pattern for him on my sidebar. That brings the current toy total to 11! Woohoo, more than halfway there thanks to my unexpected guests!


Bezzie said...

I love their sqiggly tentacles!

Andrea Moberly said...

What a sweet sweet thing to do! RAOKs are really the best way to show love :)

Caroline said...

It's so fun to see them in New York! I can't beleive you're at 11! I remember the Fairy pattern too. I made one.

If you have time please accept the blog award that waits for you on my blog. Have a terrific Tuesday.

Kristina P. said...

I love the octopuses. Octopi?

Ally said...

So cute!

Laura said...

Those are great unexpected guests! What a kind gesture that ws!

Cadance said...

Yes...I ♥ the curly tentacles too! How cute!