Sunday, June 14, 2009

Update with Sucky Pictures

The last few days have been exhausting. Mom came down with bronchitis while she was in the hospital, which is making her recovery that much slower. She's coughing like crazy and can't breathe. The coughing can do some damage to her stitches, so she's using a pillow to brace herself and downing cough medicine plus antibiotics.

She was allowed to come home yesterday morning, though she's been armed with a nebulizer, oxygen, and an albuterol pump. Her breathing was so bad last night that my dad nearly called the ambulance but some oxygen did the trick. She's also dehydrated from throwing up. Her recovery is so much harder with the bronchitis. She's tired, in pain and stressed out to the point that she's been crying.

I brought her a little something to try and cheer her up. Its a bell so she can ring for whatever she needs. Finding a bell in the Spring is not easy. so I had to go to an all year round Christmas store and even then, it was a NY apple bell. It had a leaf but it fell off in my bag. Mom thought this was the funniest thing and laughed as much as she was able.

Bad cell phone pics, sorry.

In the midst of all this craziness, Non-dirty Grandma celebrated her 67th birthday. She loves chocolate but two of my sisters can't eat it. So a half and half chocolate and butter cream cake it was! I used cookie cutters to make the sprinkle hearts.

Inky and I had been taking turns watching the twins while Dad went to spend time with Mom in the hospital. This old girl, Penny, was definitely a help with stress relief. I think she can tell something has been up and she was my shadow the entire time I was with the girls.

On the work front, we finally moved offices on Friday. I went into work this morning to unpack and check out the new place. Its honestly a lot more roomy that I'd thought. I'd prepared myself to hate it, but I actually really like it. My commute is about 15 minutes longer, but I won't have to transfer trains, so I'm more than happy with that trade-off. One straight train means a lot more crafting time on the subway.

Speaking of crafts, I've been keeping busy. All the traveling back and forth made for a lot of on-the-go stitching. I have a lot to show, but just haven't had a chance to take any pictures yet.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend.


Kristina P. said...

I hope your mom recovers quickly! And two sisters can't eat chocolate?!?! My heart weeps!

Snap said...

Keeping your mom in my thoughts. I'll eat the chocolate part of the cake! Loved the bell and happy to hear you like your new work space. More time to craft sounds great! :D

Laura said...

Wow, your poor mom! I hope she feels better soon!

And I agree with Kristina P - I'd die without chocolate!

When I was a teenager many years ago, the Burger King restaurant where I worked (and met my husband who also worked there) started this stupid sit down dinner menu, and the employees who worked in the kitchen had a bell to ring to notify the employees (of course, I got stuck on it) who were working as servers, when orders were ready. My husband and another one of my male coworkers had a field day driving me crazy with that stupid bell! Your bell made me think of that, LOL!

CraftyAshley said...

Man that is horrible about your Mom I really hope she starts feeling better. When I had my c section I thought I would cry every time I sneezed I couldn't imagine being so sick after surgery.
That cake looks delicous!
Can't wait to see your projects!

Mimi said...

That's a lot of happening...I really hope your mom recovers soon. Its a cute bell!
The cake looks yummy :)