Saturday, June 27, 2009

Deal or No Deal Casting Call

Anonymous Hubby and I heard that Deal or No Deal was going to be hosting a casting call for their new daily show in CT. Pi already had plans to spend today with my sister, so we decided to go on a whim.

It was held at a car dealership in East Hanover, NJ. Thank goodness it was done in a place with as much space as this, because the amount of people that showed up was crazy...easily a few thousand. It would have been mayhem on a NYC street.

Anonymous Hubby staying anonymous.

We arrived right before 8am and there were about 600 people in front of us. It was a pretty good spot, considering we hadn't camped overnight like some people did.

This was about the midway point. 95.5 PLJ hosted the casting call and did an awesome job making sure everyone was taken care of. They handed out bottles of water, protein bars, peanut butter bars, and played a ton of music.

This picture was taken right before we went in to get interviewed. At that point, we'd been on line for 4 and a half hours. Look at all those peeps who are probably still there now.

The Deal or No Deal peeps take groups of 10 inside to meet with a producer who interviews everyone. By interview, I mean you get 30 seconds to describe yourself and make a good impression. At that point, the producer picks the people she likes and those people get sent to a second set of producers for another, longer group interview (like 1-2 minutes).
They were casting for both Season 1 and Season 2. Season 2 is going to be career oriented, so they separated people with specific careers for that season after the 2nd group interviews. Everyone else who made it to the second interviews is considered a possible candidate for the show.
I made it past the first interview (Hubby didn't though) and went on to the second interview. Woot woot! Now I just need to be patient and wait to hear back from them. It can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 years (!!!) depending on when/if they want you. I'm hopeful but not getting too excited. There were thousands of other people there, so anything can happen.
It was a really unique experience. I can cross "try out for a game show" off my life goals list. ;) heehee


Laura said...

Glad you made it through the first interview! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get chosen for one of the shows. I hope you got some knitting or crocheting done while you were waiting in line all those hours!

Kristina P. said...

I hope you make it! That would be so fun!

Snap said...

Congratulations for making it through the first interview. Pretty cool! Good luck!

Bezzie said...

Woo hoo!!! Congrats!!!

East Hanover Represent!!! Our office used to be in Livingston...right next door. I'd go to EH for everything at lunchtime...I miss it!

Lesalicious said...

Congrats. Let us know how everything goes because if you on Deal or No Deal I want to shoot out at the tv go Christina go lol. :) good luck.

Mimi said...

That sounds cool, hope you make it :)

Karen said...

I always wanted to go on The Price is Right. But with Bob Barker. Don't gimme none of that Drew Carey. Wheel of Fortune as well....I rock at that game. I hope you make it!!

Aurora said...

woohoo I hope you get to be on this show.