Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute
Today's Tuesday's Tribute is to a rarity SO rare that some of you may have never experienced it: Good Customer Service from a large company.

Oh yeah, I said GOOD customer service. I'll wait a moment while you compose yourself.

In 2007, hubby and I bought a new computer screen since our old one had died. It was really old, as in before we got married old. We bought a modest LG flat screen because it was on sale.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. Hubby unplugged the screen for a minute to get behind our desk and when he plugged it back in, the screen had gone belly-up. Begging, pleading, and sweet-talking it didn't get us very far in bringing it back to life.

We figured we were crap out of luck since 1. we'd long since disposed of the receipt and 2. we never registered for the online warranty. I'll admit that was pure stupidity on our part.

Hubby decided to give LG a call anyway. They asked him what the manufacturer's date was on the side of the screen and it was March 2007. Since the screen was less than 3 years old since the time of manufacturing, they were willing to replace the screen even without the receipt and warranty.

I was in complete shock. I didn't have to yell? I didn't have to ask for a supervisor? No rambling about poor manufacturing? No out-sourced employee, whose name is NOT Skip, even though he tells you it is, telling me I am out of luck? Say what?!?

The same day, LG emailed a pre-paid Fed-Ex label. We packaged the screen as best we could and Fed-Ex came to pick it up.

Today, just about one week after we mailed the screen, the Fed-Ex guy shows up with a nice package from LG with our new screen. Well, its not new, its refurbished, but its new to me. And it was replaced for free. Free! Didn't cost me one stinking cent and we didn't even have to yell at anyone on the phone.

Thanks LG for standing behind your products and replacing them if they malfunction.


Kristina P. said...

Yay for LG!

Snap said...

WOW!Wonders never cease! Here's to LG. They are on the good guy list.

Andrea Moberly said...

Sweet. THAT is how to have a good day :)

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