Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adios 3rd Grade!

My little baby finished up 3rd grade yesterday (finishing on the honor roll, yay!)and bridged groups in Girl Scouts too. That's just a fancy way of saying she's graduated from one group into the next one. In Pip's case, she left the Brownies and is now a Junior.

I made these cake pops for the Girl Scout closing ceremony. I didn't make them cupcake shaped though. Just round balls dipped in chocolate and we made our own cream cheese frosting from scratch. Man, I could have eaten them all by myself, they were so good.

I'd love to show you pics of everything, but my head was somewhere in the clouds and I forgot my camera. I don't get an E for effort, apparently. Oops!

I didn't screw up completely though, because I made the teacher a Lots of Pockets Tote as her last day gift. Pip picked out the purple and brown combo. Unlike the first one I made, this one turned out nearly perfectly. There was some major bag mojo going on.

I've been wanting to make another one of these for my mom in the silky fabric I bought, but was nervous because I'd screwed it up the last time I tried. Now that I've done it in the nearly free cotton and have a better sense of how to make things work, I'm ready to tackle mom's bag.

In Mom updates, she's doing way way better. Her bronchitis is almost completely gone and I took her to have her catheter removed this morning. She's been walking around and cooking by herself too.

Oh and I finished up my first week of work in the new building. I've had some time to explore the area at lunchtime and all I have to say is Holy Cow, the SHOPPING! Every store you could ever need (except Dunkin Donuts) is within walking distance. There's only one thing that could really present a challenge to my cheap ways...Purl Soho and Purl Patchwork are a 5 minute walk from me. Gotta leave the wallet at home...gotta leave the wallet at home. Repeat it with me now.


Lesalicious said...

Aww congrats to Pi. Awwww how time fly by so fast. Glad to hear your mom is doing a bit better thats good. Ooooo that fabric I think I have some fabric like that purple one hmmmmmm. Cute bag love it.

Snap said...

Congratulations to Pi! How cute are those cupcakes?!!!!! And the purse is great. Thanks for all the links (I think) and repeat after me ... leave the wallet, check book, credit card, mouse click ...... at home..... !!!

Kristina P. said...

Love the bag! So cute! And camke pops, yummo!

Laura said...

Wow, I'm totally jealous that you work close to so much shopping, especially so close to a yarn shop, of all places! The BOE is on the edge of downtown, surrounded by nothing. I really mean nothing, except some offices and parking lots. The closest restaurants (I only eat lunch out rarely, but still) are a 10 block walk down the street in either direction. And stores? Forget it! There's not even anywhere close by to buy a newspaper or a bottle of pop. And downtown Cleveland proper is seriously lacking in shopping. We don't have a single department store downtown, and craft or yarn stores? Forget it! You have to drive out to the suburbs to find one.

Congratulations to Pi by the way! I love the bag - lucky teacher to get such a nice bag!

Bezzie said...

Oh you're so lucky!!! I've saved SO much money since we moved to Newark and aren't near jack for stores.

4th grade!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! I can see middle school on the horizon!

Caroline said...

Great bag....looks like you're really honing those sewing skills!