Sunday, April 19, 2009

Was that smoke?

Friday, our little family headed down to Philly to celebrate Hubby's birthday. My MIL is there and she was excited that we were driving down. I borrowed my mom's little Hyundai to get there.

MIL bought a black forest cake, but we still haven't opened it. The night before I made caramel brownies and banana bread and everyone devoured those instead. I'm sure I'll get around to the cake.

We went to a diner type place called Nifty Fifties. They've got great cheese fries.

Pi was given a cook's hat, which she immediately decorated to say that she was a cook. Hello Captain Obvious! :)

The milkshakes there are pretty awesome too. There are at least 30 flavors to choose from.

Before leaving, we stopped at a store across from Nifty Fifties that was having a sale on fabric. Pi was really into grabbing bolts to show them to me. So much so that she swung one around and nearly hit a woman in the head. Oops.

I bought some cotton for $2 a yard and some other fabric with no label on it. Its shiny, so I'm guessing a ploy blend? It was dirt cheap, so I figure I can experiment with it. That pink bundle on the top was called a short bundle. I have no idea what that means but it was 50c, so I got one anyway.

On our way to the Tacony bridge, Hubby noticed some smoke coming from the hood and I smelled something burning. We pulled over to check under the hood, but everything seemed to be ok. I was a bit panicked because my mom LOVES her car. I mean, loves it like a 5th child. Its name is Adam and she's crazy protective over it. So if something went wrong, oh man, would I be in trouble. We decided to try going home..what else could we do? We drove carefully (if you know the Jersey Turnpike, you can give a big HA here) and thankfully we made it back. Whew! I told mom about the problem, but she didn't seem too concerned. Disaster averted.
Anyway, back to the fun stuff.
If you're paying close attention, you'll see I'm wearing a white and red paisley purse in the picture of us in the fabric shop. After the too small blue Buttercup purse I made last week, I tried again on Wednesday. This fabric was leftover lining I had from last year. It was a remnant at the fabric store and the woman had given it to me for insanely cheap because she wanted it out of the way.
A double pocket for my cell phone and metrocard. There are mistakes in this one too, but a lot less than the first one. I'm really please with the way it turned out.

I made a matching travel tissue holder to go with it. Hubby and Pi say that this is IT, the last straw, the sign that signals that I have become an old lady.
Well, if I'm old, then Pi is right there with me. She asked me to make her a matching purse, since there is a lot of this fabric left over.


Kristina P. said...

I LOVE that fabric! I'm a big fan of fun, bright paisleys.

Andrea Moberly said...

Love the bag! You're becoming quite the seamstress :)

Snap said...

30 flavors of milk shake ... be still my heart!!! You are becoming a sewaholic! You'll have stashes of fabric and yarn. WooHoo! Too much fun!

Bezzie said...

Man, I really do like that bag pattern--must resist!!

Laura said...

That is an adorable bag! I love red and white prints. I also love 50's themed stuff - my kitchen is decorated in a red and white diner theme, with "retro" chrome trimmed table with red and white vinyl covered chairs -, so if I ever go to Philly (also on my list of places to visit one day), I will definitely have to check out that restaurant!

Lorena said...

I made the buttercup after you posted yours and even though I read the post i completely forgot to enlarge the pattern to make a grown up sized bag! duh! I'll just have to try again too.

Katrina said...

Oooh, I'm drooling over that fabric store picture. I seee you have been bitten by the bug. The fabric bug and the never ending stash!

You've really taken to sewing!!!! Cute purse. You did good. It's hard to stop yourself once you get going. You're constantly thinking of what else you could make with your scraps. Unfortunatly I don't use mine too often so they're piling up on me.