Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.
Today's special Tuesday's Tribute prompt is to tell about someone in retail who you either loved or really pissed you off. I've got a great story about someone who pissed me off, but being as its still Lent, I'm still trying not to complain. I'll come back with that story next time.
Instead, my Tuesday's Tribute is to kids and the funny things they say. Kids ask the most amazing, honest, and hilarious questions. Case in point, a conversation I had with my dear baby just a few days

Piper: (screams) MOM!!!

Me: (walks over to see what's today's emergency is) What?

Piper: (holding a bottle of shampoo and looking extremely alarmed) This shampoo says to avoid contact with eyes!

Me: Yeah?
Piper: So I shouldn't look at it?? I already looked AT IT!!
Me: hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
Piper: What?
Me: You're not supposed to get it IN your eyes! You can look at it.
Piper: Oh. Nevermind.
Oh the hilarity!


Kristina P. said...

Haha! That is so funny! And so literal.

Ally said...

LOL That is too funny!

I was reading a book to my oldest "....with his BARE hands..." my son looks at the book real close and says "he has BEAR hands??" It was so cute! =)

Andrea Moberly said...

I actually laughed out loud at that :) Thanks for brightening my day!

Snap said...

No gray ...only black and white with kids! Too cute! Wonderful story. Thanks!

Lorena said...

I laughed out loaud too! How cute are kids?!

T. Joi said...

I love it!!!

Laura said...

That was too funny! : ) When my son was about 4, we were watching a Snoopy DVD that showed Woodstock dancing on top of Snoopy's doghouse, and he said, "Hey, what's that yellow kid doing?" That still cracks me up!

Halftime Lessons said...


I think you missed a golden opportunity to mess that poor kid up for a long time!!

"You did WHAT??!! You LOOKED at it??!!"


Cant wait to hear your retail story, you good little Lent gal you.



Karen said...

LMAO!! Kids are really cute.

Julia said...

Hi There..just visiting for the 1st time...and lauphed so much, I had to say hello...your daughter is wonderful...xxx