Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Stuff

I have no idea what to name this post, since there isn't one theme running through it. Its a bunch of random stuff that I've done this week.

Piper's school had their Easter Bonnet parade (walk around the block) yesterday. It a whole week earlier than I thought, leaving me completely unprepared when hubby reminded me about it on Tuesday. We ran out and bought the only "Eastery" looking hat we could find. It was sized for a toddler, but it was only 2 bucks and would do considering it was so last minute.

This is how it looked when we brought it home.

I went through my craft bag and found a bunch of flowers, ribbon, and plastic eggs left over from last year. Piper decided she wanted to put my Egg Head on top to make the hat extra silly. We hot glued the heck out of that hat and ended up with this. I think its really flippin cute.

Please excuse the unmade bed.

As I was perusing blogs, I saw that Ally had made banana bread and linked to the recipe. I love anything banana, so I really wanted to try it. We had almost all the ingredients at home and hubby was nice enough to go to the store for the rest. Easy and really good!

Last, but not least, while we were on the subway heading to the circus last week, I started another Divine Hat. My hook has been a bit abandoned and making my favorite hat before the chilly weather was completely gone, got my crochet urge going again.

Ignore the poofy hair. :)

Speaking of the circus, I still haven't gone through all the pictures (I took alot). Once I go through them, I'll get them posted too.

Thanks for the crab love. Pi seems to have forgotten all about him already. Kids bounce back fast!


Cami said...

Great job with the modification to the hat. I love the egg head on top! And the divine hat is super cute.

Kristina P. said...

I love the hat! And I too love anything banana.

Kaye said...

Love BOTH the hats! Ha ha!

Caroline said...

The hat came out super, love the addtion of the egg head to the top. WTG Piper!

Way to warm up your hook...cute cap!

Laura said...

Both hats are really cute! Pi looks just like a mini version of you. : )

I love banana bread, although besides that being the only banana flavored food I'll eat, I can't sand eating bananas alone - they're too mushy to me unless they're baked. Yes, I have strange taste buds!

Ally said...

Thanks for linking to me!

Cute last minute easter bonnet =)