Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Making Closet Space

A few weeks ago, Pi had ordered 2 fleece jackets for her American Girls from a seller on Etsy with her allowance money. She's only 8 and already buying handmade. *sniff*

I digress. The seller was nice enough to send general instructions on how to make a closet for your doll clothing along with 2 wire hangers (I soooo want to make a Mommy Dearest joke here, haha). We needed an empty copy paper box, a washer, screws, and a wooden dowel.

The guy who is in charge of recycling boxes at work was nice enough to let me have one the day before I went on vacation. One less box for him to recycle. We headed off to Lowes for the rest. While walking around Lowes, Hubby thought that using furniture gliders would be a safer choice than the screws and washer, so we went with that. It was cheaper too, which is also a plus.

Rather than using paint, we figured spray paint would be faster and cover the design on the box better. We sliced up a recycling bag to protect the concrete in the backyard and we're all ready to go.

Giving the kid a can of spray paint induced some panic in me. Hubby supervised her though, and she was fine. If you start to see random tags of
"Da Pi" start to pop up, I apologize in advance for giving her her first can of spray paint ever.

We let the box dry overnight, then made holes in the sides, popped the dowel in and hubby hammered in the furniture gliders. I think they look better than the screws and washers.

I told Pi she could cover the bottom of the box with some scrap fabric to make it look more like a closet. She tackled it herself with craft glue.

Tada! For less than 10 bucks, she's got herself a closet that she loves. Half of that 10 bucks was for the spray paint, so if you already have craft paint at home, you can do this for about 5 bucks.

Now I've just got to figure out how to make more wire hangers.


Kristina P. said...

Well how cute is that?!?!

Bezzie said...

Very cool! And cheap too! ;-)

Snap said...

Wow! How neat is that? Mom and daughter sharing blog space ... showing off their fun stuff! You two girls go!

Aurora said...

oh that is just too cute, she did a great job on it.

Laura said...

What a clever idea! You always amaze me with your creativity! And of course, I love the pink color!

Lorena said...

What a cute idea. She did an awesome job!

Cami said...

Super cute and she did a fantastic job!

T. Joi said...

LOVE IT!!! I should start saving some ideas for my little one...I'm sure I'll be there soon. Great Job Pi.