Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Quickie

No time for in-depth blogging today. It's Holy Thursday (a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics) and hubby and I have to run out for Mass.

Quickly, before I run, let me show you yet another poncho for Pi's American Girl Doll. Pi bought a purple jacket for this doll with her allowance and insisted the doll have a purple poncho too.

No pattern. I just chained 35, joined, and worked a granny stitch in the round. I increased the lazy way by just adding more stitches to each section. I actually like the way it turned out because it gets progressively solid towards the bottom.

I used a small ball of leftover Caron Pounder in purple. There wasn't enough for a matching hat, so I made a matching headband instead. I made it extra thick and told Pi its a "winter" headband. That worked for her (whew, relief!).
By the way, she was going to bring the Egg Heads to school on Wednesday, which was the last day before vacation. Early in the morning, we got a call that school was cancelled due to a water main break. She was so upset that she couldn't bring her Easter treats. I bet a bunch of the other kids felt the same way. Oh well, I told her she can give them out when she heads back to school on the 20th.
T minutes 1 day until I'm off work for a week! Woooooooooooo!


Kristina P. said...

Cute pattern!

Katrina said...

Really cute!

Do you have any big sewing plans during your week off?

Cami said...

Super cute! I love the matching headband.

Laura said...

I agree that the poncho and headband is really cute! Poor Pi about the school Easter celebration - My daughter was going to bring cupcakes to school for her birthday in January, but ended up having a snow day that day. I hope you enjoy your vacation!

Laura said...

P.S. I thought about you when I saw this:, since I remembered you said you were looking for an easy sewing project to do with Pi.