Sunday, April 26, 2009

Keeping it Light

Thanks for the support guys. My mom is being as light-hearted as she can be and wants us to do the same. So I'm going to make an effort to be as normal as possible until we learn more. So...onto my weekend update.

There is a local church that has a small, schoolyard carnival every year. This one has been around long enough that I remember my dad taking me when I was little. The only difference is that there was no Ferris wheel this year.

Pi is a little daredevil. I mean, the kid is totally nuts! She'll go on any ride, no matter how crazy it looks.

Umm, yeah, that's my kid in that upside down swingy ride. Hubby took a video of it and all you can hear in the background is me screaming Oh my! and My Piper!

On the crafty front, I decided to try a smock top for Pi. Its really just a large rectangle and straps. I had a lot of trouble with the band and decided to scrap it. Lazy, I guess. :) I made the bottom long enough that the missing band didn't make much of a difference.

I top stitched with a decorative stitch just to try something new. At least I hope that's meant to be a decorative stitch.

No outfit is complete without a matching headband.

My sewing skills are getting a little better, though I'm still very much a newbie. I'm really enjoying it.
I realized that I have a baby shower to go to next week for my cousin Steven and his g/f and, slacker that I am, haven't made a thing yet. Time to break out some fleece and make a crochet edging on it. Here's hoping I can get it done.


Kristina P. said...

You did a great job with the top and headband. So cute!

Snap said...

Pi's outfit is too cute! Your sewing is coming right along!

Caroline said...

Keeping tu mama en mi mente y corazon chica. Said an extra on e for her at church today. Love the top and headband!!!!

Kaye said...

Ugh. In this weather...fleece is the last thing I want to be under!

Cute top!!!

Laura said...

Ferris wheels scare the crap out of me (yes, I'm a wimp, ha, ha). I don't mind fast rides, I just don't like ones that are super high like ferris wheels or big roller coasters.

True story: when my husband and I were dating, we went to an amusement park with my brother and sister, and got trapped on this new (at the time)Texas Twister ride. We were leaning backwards in the car when it stopped, and the sky got dark, and started to thunder. There was this little boy, probably about 7, in the car across from ours with his mom, and he was so scared, he started throwing up. Ah, now that was an experience to remember!

Laura said...

P.S. Pi's top and headband is adorable! Those tunic type tops are really in style right now, too. I'll continue to keep your mom in my prayers.

Mimi said...

I get nervous just looking at those crazy rides...
What a cute outfit you made!