Monday, April 13, 2009

A Buttercup Easter

Hope you all had a nice Easter! Or Passover, if you happen to roll like Piper's paternal family.

Since I'm off, we decided to hit spring cleaning hard. We cleaned out and donated Pi's outgrown clothes and toys. Her playroom is so sparkly clean, I'm tempted to ban her from ever playing in there again to keep it that way. That one room took HOURS. It was painful.

I cleaned out my closets and hubby worked magic in the kitchen and bathroom. The only room we still need to finish is Pi's bedroom, but that shouldn't take very long since the majority of her toys are in her playroom.

We took a break to dye Easter eggs. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a pic of them all together before they were dropped, cracked, and/or eaten.

Pi taught me a neat trick that I'd never learned. If you write on a clean egg with crayon and then dip it in dye, the design stays on the egg because the wax from the crayon prevents the dye from sticking to that spot.

She wasn't really this surly.

The Easter Bunny paid a visit and left a giant chocolate bunny that I'm sure my little sweet Pi will share with her mother.

We dressed up for early afternoon Mass.

Then, after a huge Easter dinner, hubby distracted Pi by playing the Wii with her, so I could get some crafting time in. I tried the Buttercup Bag, which has been all the rage over at Craftster.

Not too shabby for my first try. Its got a ton of mistakes, but I was able to follow the pattern and actually understand it. I used a fat quarter I'd bought over a year ago, thinking it would be a good lining for a crochet purse.

I learned some new skills, like working with fusible interfacing (don't tell hubby about the glue on the iron, oops), sewing in magnetic snaps, and pleats. This bag is on the small side...just the right size for keys, a cell phone, and a wallet. I'm a big purse kinda girl, so I'm going to increase the size to 125% as suggested on Craftster and try again.

Pi fell in love with this one and begged for it. Since its small and so is she, I let her have it. :)

Last week, after biggest loser was over, Kristina asked for a before and after picture. I wouldn't exactly call this an after picture. Its more of an in=progress picture. On the left is a picture from last spring and I weighed about 205 pounds. The picture on the right is from this morning, weighing 184 pounds. The biggest difference is in my face, I think. I still have a lot to go, but I feel better overall.

After last night's dinner, I'm headed back to the left picture. But it was SO worth it.

Happy Monday peeps!


Kristina P. said...

I can totally see the difference! You look awesome!

Kaye said...

Such a cute purse!

I dunno--I think the sweater in the "before" picture clouds my judgment--you rock it!

Snap said...

You've been busy! Love the purse. Thanks for the link. You look great. I think feeling good is the important part.

Good for you! Enjoy your time off!

Amanda said...

Are you tall? Cuz you look fairly thin for that weight. I'm only 5'3", and my frame doesn't carry 180 that well, lol.

Lorena said...

You look great! way to go on losing the weight!
I love the little bag! I've bookmarked the pattern...I'll have to try it this weekend! I need something to boost my confidence after my miserable attempts this last weekend.

Karen said...

You really didn't know the crayon/wax trick? Hm. Next year, try rubberbands around the egg. That's something new I heard this year.

You look great! I can see the difference. You've given me the jump I need to get back into the weight loss. Though, I did hit the gym for an hour and a half yesterday. :)

Ally said...

Good job on the cleaning, we havent started our spring cleaning yet. You can dust this house in the morning and then by the afternoon it will look like you didnt do anything.

Cute bag! I like big purses too but you did great work!

You look amazing!! I can see such a difference, what does the hubby think?

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter! The bag is too cute! And I would never guess you weigh 184 pounds - you look much thinner. I weigh 165 and look much heavier than you. Of course, I'm short though - sigh...

Katrina said...

Cute purse! I just came across the free pattern online and remembered where I saw it before.... on your blog! There are so many cool things out on the web. I'm supposed to be sewing but I got caught up looking at patterns, blogs and other things.

Keep up the good work with your weight loss! Your hard work shows.