Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slurpee - the beginning

We started with a collapsible laundry basket. Pi fits into it comfortably and it's shaped like a cup.

I cut out the bottom so Pi could stand in it.

Cut felt to wrap around the laundry basket. Using an empty Slurpee cup as inspiration, I cut felt swirls and basted them on with quilt basting spray. This held them in place, so I could sew them without them shifting.

Add the purple swirls because Piper keeps telling you that they have to be on there. Now!

I photocopied my flat Slurpee cup and enlarged it by 400% on legal paper. I used the giant copy as a pattern to cut Slurpee letters out of felt.

Baste some more!

Here it is pinned on the laundry basket to get a feel for how it looks.

Next up is add a 7-11 fabric patch. I used fabric scraps ironed onto freezer paper to feed it through an ink jet printer.

Stay tuned to see how the Slurpee progresses this week. It's crunch time now!
P.S. - sorry for the dark pics. Most of this was done in the middle of the night.


Kaye said...


Laura said...

I agree with Kaye! You are an awesome mom! Pi is very lucky! In the meantime, I haven't even bought my kids' Halloween costumes yet.

Snap said...

Oh, my goodness! You are going to do it!!!! YeeHaw!!!!

Karen said...

What everyone else said. SO fantastically awesome! And it's not even complete yet!! Pi is a very lucky girl!

Bezzie said...

Oh man, Are you going to make sure she wears a red tube-hat? (Straw!)

Donna Lee said...

That is an awesome costume. My girls are grown and don't ask for those inventive things anymore. One year we made a shark costume complete with rows of teeth. I wanted one of the girls to be a bloody waterskier but they said no. Using the basket was inspired!

Deni J. said...

That is just too cool!

JRS said...

That is a great costume! It reminds me a bit of the Coors Light can my mother made for my brother's costume back in the 80s. Of course, he got sent home from school for dressing as an alcoholic beverage. The Slurpee is great though; you won't have that problem and there are swirls!

Nikki said...

This is nothing short of crafting genius! I have to make sure my mom makes it over to see this. :D

Piper is so lucky.


msvivlee2 said...

Whatever happened with your Slurpee costume? I would love to see how it turned out! I'm thinking about doing it for my daughter this year.