Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's confirmed

Normal mothers send bags of candy to school on Halloween. Buy mounds of candy, drop them in treat bags, close them and viola. Super easy and kids are happy.

But I never claimed to be normal. Crazies like me make chocolate covered pretzel Frankensteins. This confirms I have the crazies.

I love them. Alot. Poor hubby was enlisted to help and did most of the work.

Inspiration found HERE.

Oh, and no straw yet. It's not midnight yet... I have time. *gulp*


Caroline said...

Pi looks darling and soooo proud of her costume. Good Job!

Kristina P. said...

I'm sure Pi is thrilled she doesn't have a "normal" mom!

Kaye said...

Woah wait, what? They send candy? I'm not sending ANYTHING! Oops. I also don't take time off work to see the Halloween Parade at school. I guess parents do that???

Love the Frankensticks!

Snap said...

I want one! ;D ;D ;D

Nikki said...

Those. Are. AWESOME! You're lucky you can send food to school with Piper -- we can't have anything that isn't individually wrapped. Booo. :(

Katrina said...

They look great! I had every intention to decorate some store bought cookies but changed my mind and was a 'normal mother' by putting candy into bags. But I did make something for my 3 yr old's teacher. I guess that counts for something.

The costume is coming out great. I love the fact that it's a full costume and covers her head. Waiting to see what you do for the straw.