Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Scarf

Whoa, has is it really been nearly two weeks since I've been here? Craziness!

I'm in the midst of midterms, a paper, and a group project, all due within the next two weeks. I'm fairly certain that college professors think students are superheroes. How else do they expect people to get so much done in so little time?

My sewing time has been limited, but the extra commuting has given me a chance to get reacquainted with my yarn stash. Most days, I'd rather knit or crochet on the bus, because I just can't-read-another-chapter.

Other blogs are already showing off Christmas crafts and that sent my heart into a fit of palpitations. It's so close and getting closer everyday! Pfftt... I'm so behind!

I pulled out this half finished scarf (started way back in February or so when I had ridiculous dreams of making Christmas gifts all year long). It's an Ifeoma, which is my scarf staple, because it makes a pretty, squishy scarf.

I know it's some sort of Red Heart, but I lost the ball band and can't remember the exact kind. It's super soft and the color changes are beautiful with such a simple pattern.

This one is getting thrown in the Christmas pile. It'll probably go to one of Pi's teachers, though I'm not 100% sure just yet.

Totally random: Piper wants to be a 7-11 Slurpee for Halloween. She couldn't have possibly picked a weirder costume. Cross your fingers I can figure out how to do it!


Kaye said...

Wuhahahhaa! Love Piper's costume idea!!!

Nice scarf--I haven't even thought about the teachers yet though!

Kristina P. said...

I love her creativity! And the scarf.

Laura said...

Really pretty scarf - I love the colors! I have confidence that you of all people can figure out how to make that Slurpee costume!

Andrea Moberly said...

love the scarf! And that Halloween costume is the bomb :) Good luck with that one!

Caroline said...

That is a great looking scarf! I love the yarn too! Good luck with all your school work.

Snap said...

Pretty scarf. Getting reacquainted with your stash is good ... some relaxation time even if it is in transport! Pi is a hoot. Great idea for a costume. Good luck!

Cami said...

Hang in there! I admire you for going to school along with all the other things you are doing.
I love the scarf. Beautiful colors,and a great pattern.
My 3 year old niece wants to be a ... "well, there isn't a name for it but i will have a Tutu, and a cape."

Nikki said...

That's a gorgeous scarf. I love the pattern it makes.

Miss you, lady.