Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Wrap Up

Ahh, what a fun Halloween we had! I realized I totally forgot to show you our pumpkins. They're the same kind of felt pumpkins we made last year. Since they're not carved, they'll last a few weeks. Yeah, I know, totally cheating by not carving, but this was so much easier.

We also finally finished the straw. We went super simple... rolled up poster board covered in white felt. I was going to add stripes but Pi insisted on a solid straw. Easier for me? Ok!

I wanted to go with the duct tape idea to attach the straw, but it wouldn't stick to the inside of the laundry basket. Hubby came up with a genius idea. Wire ties! Three of those suckers held that straw in place all day!

Then we headed downtown for some pre-costume contest trick-or-treating at the stores. We found this awesome Addams family display by the train station.

A lot of the stores went all out with decorations. Who knew a whole town was this into Halloween?

It was FREEZING so we stopped for cappuccinos. Yum!

Next came the costume contest. The kids had to stand along side barricades to display their costumes to the judges. There were a few different categories, like best food, best athlete, etc. If a judge liked your costume, you had to parade around in front of the crowd to get judged some more.

My little Slurpee was chosen to parade around pretty quickly. There were some other really amazing homemade costumes too. I was in awe of the time and effort people put into these things. My favorite had to be a cupcake made of quilting batting and corrugated cardboard. Completely adorable. After about 30 minutes of this, they finally announced the winners.

Pi won the "Sweetest Costume" award and received a medal and a $20 gift certificate to the best bakery in town. Do you hear that sound? It's my waistline expanding.

As if that wasn't enough, we went trick-or-treating house to house after the contest.

Last, but not least... a quick trip to 7-11. They were so impressed (and amused, haha) that they offered Pi a free Slurpee.

I don't think she could have had anymore fun today! Seeing Pi's face light up when she won the contest made all the time and effort worth it.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Kristina P. said...

Of course she would win the contest! She looks amazing.

Laura said...

Sounds like a great Halloween! I'm not surprised Pi won the contest, either - she had to have had one of the best costumes there!

Andrea Moberly said...

Fabulous :) Sounds like a super fun day :)

Snap said...

Congratulations to Pi and to you! A job well done! Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween!

Karen said...

You win for best mom. Pi's a lucky kid!