Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pick it and eat it!

Nothing says fall more than apple and pumpkin picking! I've been meaning to take Pi for awhile now and we practically ran to the pick your own farm when I realized that October is already half over.

I wanted to go to a bigger farm that was recommended, but they stopped their apple picking already. *boooo!* Luckily, we found a farm 20 minutes from where we live that still had their orchards open. It's a small but very cute farm and I'd love to go back in the spring to pick berries.

We rode this tractor up to the orchards. Pi and her friend loved it and giggled the entire time.

Who knew bouncing around the back of a tractor could be so entertaining?

It was on the cold side and windy. Two shirts, a sweater, and a neckwarmer weren't enough to keep me warm!

Pi wasn't bothered by the weather at all. She was too busy looking for the "perfect" pumpkin.

Fuji apples.. yum!

I wish I could have taken all of these pumpkins home. They look so pretty grouped together.

Look at that view!

On the way home, we passed by a church and noticed a bunch of people building scarecrows in the front yard. We stopped and found out that it was a fundraiser. We had to make one and bring him home! He originally had a button down shirt, but we thought he'd look more authentic in flannel. That's Piper's shirt from her school play last year, where she played an apple farmer.

The goods!

Apple pie anyone?

Picking apples, pumpkins, and building a scarecrow had to make this a seriously perfect Fall day. Have I mentioned how much I love this season?


Kaye said...

Amen! Fall is the best!

Looks like a fun day! Two pumpkins to carve one to eat?

Snap said...

What fun!!!! And, food!! Pumpkins and apples say FALL. Love the scarecrow.

Laura said...

Sounds like fun! I still like Spring the best though! : )

Your photography is awesome, like always!

Kristina P. said...

I was just going to go to the local grocery store to get my pumpkin, but after seeing this, I need to go to a patch!

Mimi said...

Love the pumpkins!! Looks like you had so much fun - maybe you needed a warm hat too ;)

Caroline said...

Looks like you had a great day...we picked our pumpkins also this weekend!

Nikki said...

That looks like an amazing fall day. I need to get my family up there so we can do these activities together!

Also: that big pumpkin looks pretty perfect. *nod, nod*