Monday, November 24, 2008

Divine Hat, Take 2

I can't believe how fast Thanksgiving is coming up. Is it just me or did this entire year just fly by at lightning speed? My mother always said time would go faster as I got older, but this year passed at a ridiculous speed.

We earned our free turkey from Shoprite and ended up picking a 19.5 pound bird. I'm going to my mom's for Thanksgiving and she doesn't need the turkey for that day, so I'll be cooking it the day after Thanksgiving. With just the 3 of us, that big bad bird is going to be leftovers for a week! I need to look up interesting ways to use up leftover turkey meat.

I made the Divine hat last year and donated it to charity. I used the hook recommended in the pattern and it was too large. Thankfully, I remembered that this time around and used one hook size smaller than called for and Pound of Love in white. It came out just the right size.

I seriously love this pattern. Its so simple and fast but someone who doesn't crochet thinks its really complicated.

My sister came by to play with Piper and I showed it to her. She liked it so much that it found a new home on her pretty little head. :)

Umm, my diet isn't going so well. Between PMSing, stress, and a bit of good news today (a raise), I baked a batch of chocolate chocolate chip cookies. How convenient that all the ingredients were already in the cupboards. Heehee.

This recipe is a keeper! They are super moist, which is a huge plus for me cuz I'm a soft cookies kind of girl. From start to finish, it took less than an hour to make 3 dozen cookies. Yum!

Just like candy corn is a diet food, I believe that cookies are also a diet food in the months of November and December. :) No need to argue with me.


Kristina P. said...

I love the hat pattern!

And those cookies look amazing.

Laura said...

The hat came out beautifully! I was actually just thinking about making one of those after seeing it on another blog.

Oooh, cookies! A few cookies never hurt anyone!

Congratulations on the raise!

Bezzie said...

Love the hat!!

We earned a freebie Shoprite turkey too. The limit size you could get was 21 lbs...we got a 20.69 pounder! Muahhahahahaha! If they're giving me a free bird, they're giving me ALL of it! We'll be freezing what we don't eat of course!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the hat design!!! Would you happen to have a chocoate chip cookie recipe that doesn't call for brown sugar? (Brown sugar is nonexistent here)

CraftyAshley said...

Congrats on the presents, raise, and having all the ingredients for your cookies! lol Your hat is absolutely gorgeous. I have to make one.

Cami said...

Love this pattern, I think I'll put in on my to do list. What size hook did you end up using?