Sunday, November 2, 2008

Run Forrest, Run!

Today was the NYC Marathon and the weather was perfect for it. The path through Brooklyn is just 2 blocks from where we live and only one block from my mom's place, so my family went to cheer the runners on.

There were so many awesome runners dressed in funky wigs and costumes. One guy was even juggling three balls as he ran! The Blues Brothers runners were one of my favs.

Pi was a little shy about giving high 5's at first. Once she did it a few times, you couldn't get her away from the sidelines to give high 5's. You can see that my twin sisters and Pi kept creeping into the runner's path because they were so excited. We had to keep herding them back.

When I was in high school and a band geek, we would dress up in our band costume (cowgirls dressed in traditional Irish green and gold) and play music for the runners along this same avenue. This one time, in band camp.... heehee.
I finished a few crochet projects too. My coworker Rosanna is having a baby in January. She's not sure what she's having yet, so she asked if I could make some baby sweaters and hats in white.
These hats were really simple. The pompom one is just working dc in the round for a few rows. The ribbed hat is just sc in blo for 10 inches and then weaving the top together. They were about as simple as you can get.

The sweaters are the Kelly Sweater by Bella Bambina. I used an H hook to make a 3-6 months size and an I hook to make a 6-9 month size. Rosanna's hubby is really tall, so she asked that I didn't make anything newborn size since the baby will probably outgrow it in 3.5 seconds.

There aren't any buttons. Since the sex of the baby is unknown, Rosanna will buy buttons after the baby is born and add them. I used Lion Brand Pound of Love for everything.

Speaking of Lion Brand, their NYC studio will be opening this month in the Union Square area. I printed a pass to the preview this coming Sunday. I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to go. Any of you local peeps want to go?


Kristina P. said...

The marathon looked like a lot of fun!

And the sweaters are adorable. It's freezing here, so they look perfectly warm.

Caroline said...

How awesome you get front seating at the NYC marathon! Love the baby stuff, I'm going to have ti give those a go! Lucky stiff, a Lionsbrand yarn studion in your own backyard!!! Take pics!!! ...Drool....

Anonymous said...

Way cool on getting to see the marathon! And, drooldrooldrool on the Lion Brand place opening near you!! WOW!

Aurora said...

Love the baby stuff.

The marathon must have been fun to watch

Bezzie said...

Very cool--and they had perfect weather for it yesterday!
Cute sweaters and hats!

Laura said...

The baby stuff is adorable! I'm always amazed at how fast you crochet. I'm totally jealous about the Lion Brand studio! You NYC'ers have it all!

CraftyAshley said...

The baby stuff is too cute. Neat to see the marathon!

Ally said...

Cool marathon pics! Love the baby sweaters, big fan of that pattern too.