Friday, November 14, 2008

Wisdom doesn't come painlessly.

I've been busy growing 3 wisdom teeth this week.! But not quite excruciating either. It hurts if I run my tongue over it, so you'd think I'd try to avoid that, but no. I'm constantly playing with it with my tongue. Get your minds out of the gutter. ;)~

I went to the dentist on Wednesday who told me that one of the teeth (the one that hurts) is impacted. She said the tooth is already 90% of the way in, so she doesn't want to pull it yet. I'm supposed to cope for the next week or so to let the rest of the tooth grow in. If it still hurts in a week, she'll yank it. If not, she'll let it live happily ever after nestled deep inside my gums.

Other than work, which has been nuts, I've been reading a lot the last few weeks. My sister lent me a bunch of books that kept my interest enough to keep me from crocheting as much as I normally do. She also gave me an early birthday gift yesterday: the first books in the Twilight series. I'm supposed to try to finish the first book by the 21st, so I can go see the movie with her for some sisterly bonding. I don't think that'll be too hard as I started reading it this morning and am already on page 130.

I've literally had my nose stuck in the book most of the evening. Luckily, Pi is having a sleepover to keep herself occupied.

I have been crocheting a smidge though. Of course, its stuff that's only meant to distract me from the Christmas gifts I need to finish.

Another pair of Little Button Loafers by Sylver. Made with Caron Simply Soft, and H hook, and buttons I found in my stash. Made for no one in particular.

Also, some round granny square pom pom hats. These will fit a baby 3-6 months and 6-9 months. Again, for no one in particular. Can we say Procrastination Queen?

Edited for Marlene: A simple granny hat pattern that is similar to these is the Granny Skull Cap by Luv2Crochet. For the pom poms, I used a pom pom maker which was $3 in the craft store. But here's a link to making pom poms.

Can you guys yell at me to finish those Christmas gifts? I was doing so well last month, but I got completely flaky this month. Maybe its anticipation of the turkey tryptophan coma that's coming in 2 weeks.


Lorena said...

let's go! get going...I'm kicking your butt...I've already finished 3 whole afghans and I've started 2 more! hurry up...NO MORE procrastinating

Kristina P. said...

I'm interested to hear what you think about the book. Blech.

And the loafers are so cute!

Marlene said...

would you mind posting the exact pattern you used for the granny hats and the white baby hats that you made? they are so cute and i am not that talented to wing it without a pattern...have a great day

Christina said...

Marlene, I posted the link for the granny hats and pom poms. I didn't use a pattern for the white ones. The one with the pom pom was just worked in the round and the other was sc in blo for 10 inches. Then I sewed up the sides and gathered one side to make the top.

Zuleika said...

Hey, I'm the only one allowed to procrastinate! Get moving on those projects lady! lol I have the nerve to talk, with my 3 blankets and whatever else sitting around waiting to be finished. :-) But things are much easier said than done huh? ;-)

Love the loafers and hats. You procrastinate with style! lol

Lesalicious said...

I see I am not the only one reading lol and also not really doing my afghans. But, we butt need to kick it in gear. Love the slippers great job you did there so cute.:)

Anonymous said...

Finish the Christmas gifts, already!!!!! LOL! Marvyn needs ami's and sweaters, and he loves the scarf you made him last year! I think hubby likes it too, I caught hubby wearing it a few times last year.

Laura said...

The hats and the shoes are just adorable!

I haven't made a single Christmas gift this year, except for a purse for my best friend that I made a few months ago.

I have 4 wisdom teeth, and never even noticed them coming in. I've had them for a few years. The dentist who found them wanted me to get them surgically removed, but even when I had dental insurance, I still couldn't have afforded the out-of-pocket expenses, and I figure if they don't hurt or bother me, why go through all the pain of having them taken out? I hope you feel better soon!

Bezzie said...

Holy crud those mocs are so cute!! I like to prop open my books with my big heavy scissors and read and knit.

And sympathies on the teeth. I still have my wisdom teeth. Every now and then when I eat popcorn they become irritated. Ouch!

CraftyAshley said...

I love those books. Good luck getting stuff done toward the end! lol

Cami said...

Oh my, those slippers are so dang cute. Love them. I think I am one of the few who was not in love with the twilight series. To each their own i guess. I still have two of my wisdom teeth becasue they grew in just fine, i had room for them in my mouth, and they don't hurt, so the dentist left them. I hope you get to do the same. It isn't fun having to get them pulled.