Friday, August 22, 2008

Looky what I can do!!

I don't do it well, but I'm getting the mechanics down. I learned how to cast on, knit, and purl yesterday. My friend sharkmeat showed me the basics. This practice swatch is just the knit stitch, which is apparently also called a garter stitch I think?

I'm slow as hell, my stitches are definitely uneven and I'm having trouble with tension, but I figure its not too bad since I only started practicing yesterday. Sorry this pic is blurry, but I included it so you can see my stitches. Knit socks here I come (umm, and I've already bookmarked Knitty, haha)!

You know, now that I'm learning to knit, I want to say that I've never understood the whole knit/crochet war thing. Why are some people so passionate that you can only do one or the other or you're a "traitor?" Give it up homies! Both are awesome fiber arts...can't we all just get along??

I'm a peacemaker....I've already combated racism by having a bi-racial kid (puerto rican and austrian). Now I'm going to combat fiber art prejudices by learning both! Does anyone have the urge to sing koom-ba-ya all of a sudden?

In the midst of all this practicing, I was looking through pics on my phone and realized I hadn't posted this awesome square. Its the Winter Rose 12" square by CroJulee. I was gifted this pattern by a sweet lady over at Crochetville during the Holiday in July swaps.

The square took a bit of time to make, but it was totally worth it. This is one of the prettiest squares I've seen. I think it'd make a great rectangular shawl. I used some left over Caron Simply Soft...can't remember the color.

Oh yeah...did I mention I'M ON VACATION!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have to step foot back in the office for a whole lovely, splendid WEEK!! Monday we leave for the shore...can't wait!!!


Lorena said...

Let's break barriers!!!

Have an awesome time!

Jen said...

Your knitting is off to a better start than many do, Christina! Good job.

That crochet square is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. I can't wait to see what you do with the pattern.

Some people treat Knit and Crochet like they're different countries, or different religions. For me, it's all just the world of Craft. One world, many techniques and forms.

I'm not above using a scrapbooking technique for a wall hanging, a crochet stitch to make beaded jewelry, or knitting to make metal sculptural pieces. It all overlaps and blends together in my head - I have trouble seeing boundaries in Crafts.

Mimi said...

I think it takes a lot more patience to're on the right track.
I also think the pink square is very pretty, ...wonder if I could make one using thread.

Lesalicious said...

WTG Christina you got it. I can do the same thing myself but, I just couldn't bare how slowly it was for me but, still one day I want to knit like a pro lol. I also couldn't understand the war about that knitting and crocheting I just ignored it because I love my crocheting and sewing and no one can't tell me wrong. Have a great vacation. :)

Bezzie said...

YOu're knitting IS good. Your stitch count appears to be staying the same. When I learned I was always adding/dropping stitches inadvertantly.

Now that I can basic-crochet, I just need to learn the language. I think that's the hardest part--shifting your brain from knittingese to crochetese!

Lulu said...

I never understood why knitting seems to be more popular..I love to crochet..But i know the knitting basics enough to make a scarf..
Happy vacation to you..
Love the square.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!! On the knitting!!!!! And the vacation!!! I hope yours goes better than mine did!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!! On the knitting!!!!! And the vacation!!! I hope yours goes better than mine did!

sissie said...

I have made this square also and love the pattern. I had to use an F hook to make it a 12" square:)


Laura said...

Very pretty projects lately - the daisy square afghan, and the block, and the knitting! I would have commented sooner but I've been without Internet access for most of the past few weeks. : ( I have some knitting needles, but just can't figure it out from books. One of these days I need to find someone who can teach me it in person.

Anonymous said...

traitor!! just kidding :) Just think another thing to add to yuor resume :) have a great vaca! Anony Joyce

Cami said...

I'm so excited that you are knitting! I keep telling myself that I will learn. I tried once and failed. I should try again. I love the look that it gives vs crochet. But I'm with you, lets all just be friends (knitters and crocheters, and anyone else who wants to). I remember going to this meeting that I saw on crochetville, turns out it was all knitters and I felt pretty snobbed since I was crocheting. Never went back.

Artemis said...

Oooh pretty! Hooray for knitting. :> Perhaps I'll learn how to crochet so I can make that daisy afghan. ;)