Sunday, August 24, 2008

Daisy Square #2 all finished!

Yesterday was the perfect example of how wanting to do one small thing can snowball into an entire day's worth of stuff.

When I woke up, I decided that I was going to sit down and finish weaving in all those ends. So I popped my earphones in and for the next 3 hours, wove ends like nobodies business.

Here's the finished blanket! Its exactly the same size as the first one. The only difference is that the squares are arranged differently and I used an orange border. Two different borders will let the girls differentiate between their blankets. I can't tell you how relieved I am that this project is over. I feel free!

Here's a view of the back

The two blankets together.

After I'd finished the blankets, I realized they needed to be stored until Christmas. I have a wicker chest that I keep some of my stash in and it wasn't completely full, so I decided to store the blankets on the bottom and pile the stash back on top. After emptying that out completely and storing the blankets away, there was still some space, so I went into my closet where I keep some more stash and put some of that away in the wicker chest too.

Pulling stash out of the closet required pulling out some storage bins (non-stash) and a bunch of general craft supplies stuffed into plastic bags. As I was doing this, I found an empty craft organizer tote that my dad had given me about 8 years ago. Organizing my small craft stuff seemed like a good idea at the time, until my entire closet was spilled out onto the floor, bed, desk, and sleeping husband. Oops!

When I finally had the craft stuff under control, I started cleaning out the clothes that no longer fit, or had stains, or were ripped. Might as well while the rest of the closet was empty. Unfortunately, this meant organizing a second closet I have that has winter clothes and coats too. After doing the clothes in the second closet, I just couldn't leave the shelves, so I organized those too.

The simple desire to store my blankets turned into a 5 hour closet organizing spree. So while my first day of vacation was entirely relaxing, I'm feeling pretty good about the neat closets and making my self-imposed deadline to finish the afghans before we leave for the shore.

P.S. - Like the momo I am, I only just discovered the spell check feature on blogger. Love it!


Bezzie said...

Free at last! They look amazing!!

Lulu said...

oh my god, the blanket is so beautiful..i love all those daizies.
great job on it!!! going to look at it again..

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

Beautiful blanket! The squares are joined together so neatly! I dislike making blankets with squares, because I can never get them joined neatly, whether I sew or crochet them together.

You sure are ambitious to tackle all those closets!

Karen said...

Great looking blankets!

Must have been something in the air...I cleaned out the walk in closet today, emptying a few remaining boxes, reorganizing clothing, etc. I also reorganized the craft room closet, built an IKEA bookshelf, and emptied all the boxes with books. I am going to be majorly sore tomorrow, but it was all worth it.

Enjoy your vacation at the shore!!

Mimi said...

Both blankets look wonderful, you did a fantastic job!
Also good job on organizing your closets!

sissie said...

I love your blankets!! isn't it such a great feeling once a project is done?! and i have done the same thing before myself! you turn around and OMG what have I done now LOL

hope you have a great time on vacation and at the shore!


Lesalicious said...

Great blanket Christina. Have fun relaxing no more cleaning out closets lol:)

Cami said...

Wow, these are fantastic! They would have taken me forever. I get distracted very easily. Good for you for finishing them. I love the different color borders. Great idea.

Cami said...
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Kay aka dkswife said...

Is that crocheted? Beautiful. Absolutly beautiful :)

Aurora said...

absolutely beautiful!!!