Friday, August 29, 2008

A couple more

I found a few more I wanted to share. . The amusement park looks awesome at night when its all lit up.

Read the slogan underneath the shop sign. It says "If you had a store...he would buy something from you." hahahahaha!


Laura said...

That's a clever sign!

That looks like such a pretty boardwalk. I've never been to a boardwalk, unless I can count the made-up one at Cedar Point (an amusement park here in Ohio).

Lesalicious said...

Oh wow looks like you all have tons of fun. :)

Zuleika said...

How pretty! I would love to go there right now. I bet they have cotton candy! :-) Oh, and my boys would love it too. hee-hee

I must be slow, I had to read the slogan about 5 times before figuring out what it meant. Time for bed I think. :-)