Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yo Adrian!

Victory is mine, my friends!!!

Tonight, I finished the last 4 of the 80 squares! I'd do the cabbage patch dance if you all weren't looking. :) Now I just have to weave in ends, sew the squares together, and border the blankets. No biggie, LOL!

I also had my appointment with the new gyno today. She was all sorts of awesome....kind, patient, understanding, and on and on. I really felt like she gave a shit about how I was feeling. When I explained to her what my last gyno had said, she was shocked. The doc outlined a plan for various testing to see what's up. I had bloodwork done today to establish a baseline and then I'll have more done towards the end of the month, when my cycle should be close to starting over. She's also going to schedule me for an ultrasound to make sure I don't have any cysts or aliens inside me. I feel better just knowing that I'm not being dismissed!

I'm taking a personal day tomorrow. The kid is going to play an elephant in her summer camp play. That's way more important than my deadline!


Andrea Moberly said...

Yay! Good for you - on both accounts. Its so gratifying finishing up something you don't want to do, isn't it? I'm glad your new Dr. is taking you seriously!

Lesalicious said...

I hope Pi have fun at her play. Take her some roses to the backstage to give to her awwww, :) Glad you went to see another doctor and hope all plans out for you good luck on your test results. Can't wait to see how it all plans out when you done sewing them all together good luck :)

Karen said...

Yay for new docs that take you seriously! :)

Good luck to Pi today!

Bezzie said...

Hee hee, look at that SNOW in that picture! Ahhhhh!!!

And way to go on the squares! Woot! HOw liberating will that be? About as liberating that as finding out there's no aliens inside of you. But I am concerned that you gave birth to an elephant ;-) (Aren't those programs the cutest?)

sissie said...

great job on getting your squares done!!
and good luck with your new Dr!


Zuleika said...

I love rocky! :-)
Congrats on finishing, now comes the hard part. I wonder how long it'll take you to finish sewing them together. ;-)

Finally a decent doctor, about time huh? :-)

Mimi said...

Looking good, that's a lovely motif!
Glad to know you are being taken care of by your new gyno.