Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh, Fransson! wristlet

One of my favorite sewing/quilting blogs is Oh, Fransson! There is so much quilting inspiration at her blog and I literally spent hours reading all of the posts, the first time I visited. She's the reason I started THIS advent calendar (almost done, yay!) and also why I tried free motion quilting. Sheesh, I should get paid for the gushing promotion, ha!
Besides quilts, there are other nifty patterns, including the Three Ways Wristlet. Piper needed something to hold her MP3 player and cheapie phone* for when she goes to Brooklyn. She was constantly misplacing one or both because she didn't have one easy place to keep them.

One problemo, though. I'm petrified of installing zippers. Like, a big snake in the yard kind of scared. Even my crochet purses never got zippers because of my deep-seated fear!

That's when I started talking to myself... suck it up Christina... just go for gave birth for crying out married a Philles fan (which is beyond scary as a Mets fan) ... you live in the land of Bon Jovi're going back to college. Just do it, you big old baby!

My inner voice is harsh, don't you think? So I took a deep breath and did it. Annnnd, it's way easier than I expected. Much easier than living with a Phillies fan, for the record.

No clue what the fabric is called. It was a remnant quarter yard that I bought for $1 at the City Quilter awhile ago.

The only thing I would change next time is to make the strap a bit shorter. Since I made the smallest version of the pattern, the strap is a smidge long for my taste, but Piper says she can sling the wristlet onto her shoulder, so it worked out fine.

*Generally, I think it's pretty silly for a kid to have a cell phone, but Piper's dad cancelled his land-line phone and she has no way to contact me when she's there, unless she asks to use his phone. That generally goes 50/50. so we hooked up one of my ancient phones for cheap on my family plan and now she always has a way to get in touch with me when she's there. It felt more like a necessity and the peace of mind is more than worth the $10 it costs me.
P.S. - Happy 30th Anniversary to my parents!!!


Karen said...

Bon Jovi devotee here!!! :)

It's very cute. Maybe I'll make myself one. I have some cute fabric that is dying to be used.

Laura said...

I agree with Karen - Bon Jovi rocks(I guess I'm dating myself here, with my love of 80's "hair bands"ha, ha)! My husband and brother and sister and I saw Bon Jovi in concert about 10 years ago, and he was awesome!

That is a very cute little wristlet, and the zipper looks great! I very reluctantly got my daughter a cell phone, but only because she's taking the bus home from school now. I like that at her school the kids have to give their cell phones to the school secretary in the morning, and they don't get them back until after school - keeps them from being tempted to play with them when they're in class.

Kristina P. said...

It's cute! I can barely sew a button, so a zipper would do me in!

Snap said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents.

Love the wristlet.

Peace of mind at any price is cheap!!!!!

Well done!!!

Kaye said...

I just bought a non-cell phone electronic thing for Chunky. I wonder if I made one out of a "manly" fabric if he'd use it? Hmmm...

Very cute!

Deni J. said...

Very cute! If the wrist strap is too long, have her tie a knot near the end, shortening it up - that may help! And you may be surprised by the phone and hear from her more often now!

Nikki said...

Adorable fabric!

Also, reading your blog makes me want to sew and knit...and I just don't have time for it. *sigh*

Miss you, lady.