Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's not an obsession, really.

After discovering that zippers are not scary, I may have run to the store and bought a few more. My equally crafty friend Joyce was a good sport and went with me early on a Sunday morning to arrive just as the store opened (not a sign of a zipper obsession).
Making a zippered make-up purse for Val's birthday now seemed like the only appropriate gift! (also not a sign of a zipper obsession,see?)

Following THIS tutorial from Craftster, I whipped this up really quickly.

A little embroidery personalized the bag and also made the pink zipper look like it belonged there. (adding embroidery to enhance the zipper color is totally not a sign of a zipper obsession, uh-huh)

It would be logical to think that I was satisfied with adding zippers to little bags, but not so much yet. I opened my copy of Weekend Sewing (remember I got it for about $1!) and traced the pattern for the Weekend Away Travel Bag.

This one took a little longer and fiddling with the zipper placement, but the pattern was easy to follow and I'm really pleased with the results.
The outside fabric is a scrap that my quilting friend sent me. It has fish skeletons on it, which made me think of my sister Inky. She has a phobia of dead fish, no joke! My dad had to get rid of his fish tank because she wouldn't walk by it, constantly freaked that there would be a dead fish.
You see why I thought it was perfect for her? A little sisterly teasing is always fun. I lined it with a floral fabric, so she wouldn't be too freaked. Gotta give the kid some credit... she accepted the bag with a laugh and promised to use it. Good sport!
Ummm, one last thing... I went and got more zippers.

That still doesn't make a case for a zipper obsession! ;)


Andrea Moberly said...

loving it! I still haven't mastered zippers. Although I did replace one in my brother's fav pair of pants and totally felt like a rock star when I was done!!!

Laura said...

Really cute cases - your sewing skills have gotten quite impressive! Too funny about the dead fish - I guess that's no worse than my sister being afraid of butterflies, ha, ha!

Snap said...

You are too funny. I'll look around here. I may have extra zippers I can send to help with your zipper obsession NOT!!!!!

Kristina P. said...

You're a regular old pro now!

Cami said...

Oh wow, you are amazing. I am scared to death of zippers, or just sewing anything that isn't a quilt really. But these are so cute, I might have to be brave and try it myself. I love the embroidery, it adds a nice special touch.

Caroline said...

The bags are darling!!!! I love the fabrics you pick!