Monday, March 15, 2010

Good news!

I'm going to dub 2010 "The Year of the Baby." Sorry in advance if you get sick of seeing baby stuff, but so many people have procreated, that I don't have much choice, haha!

This is the bib that went to Lil Bean along with the Noah's Ark blanket. Lil Bean, aka Julian, was born last Monday. Congrats Nikki!

One side of the bib is leftover flannel in my stash from a ribbon teether I made last year. The back is a blue plaid flannel scrap that was given to me by a friend.

Using a velcro closure makes the bib reversible! The pattern is a freebie from Chickpea Sewing Studio.

Now for the good news! My biopsy came back totally clean! Yay! The only downside to that is that they still don't know what's wrong with me. But I'm very relieved there isn't anything very serious going on. Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts. It means the world to me!


Bezzie said...

Cute bib. I hope it's for a non-knitter/crocheter because all of Moochies velcro bibs seem to find their way attached to my handknits in the wash--so annoying!

Good news on the biopsy but lame to have to go back to square one.

Laura said...

Very cute bib! And I agree with Bezzie - I'm glad your biopsy didn't find anything serious, but it's too bad you still don't know what's wrong. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon.

Andrea Moberly said...

I'm so glad things turned out fine! I love the bib, by the way :)

Oh, and just so I don't forget to tell you, I am still working on the cocoon pattern and haven't quite figured out sizing yet - the original turned out too big! Let me get it all worked out before you bother making one for someone's newborn :)

Snap said...

YeeeHaw! Great news. Great job on the bib ... too cute!

Kristina P. said...

The bib is adorable!

And I'm glad it's nothing serious. I was thrilled when I finally had an answer with mine.

kado! said...

1st...Yea on the clean biopsy!!!!! Yeaa!!!

2nd, cute bibs! a very needed gift!