Friday, November 27, 2009

Woo anniversary!

Today is the 4th anniversary of my 25th birthday. ;) Ok, ok it's my 29th birthday! I didn't get out of bed til 11 and I'm still in my jammies. Now that's a good start to the day. We did most of the birthday celebrating the last 2 days. Pi spent Thanksgiving weekend with her Dad, so Pi and hubby made a cake and a special dinner on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Piper, hubby, and I went into the city to see my family. Walking from Port Authority to the subway allowed us to see some of the balloons from the parade, which was really neat.

The Pillsbury Doughboy was awesome!

As was Buzz Lightyear. We didn't stick around to see the rest though.

We dropped Pi off at her dad's and she was not happy. We're going to have a second Thanksgiving on Sunday when she's back home, so she doesn't feel like she missed anything.
Then we headed off to my Aunt Aida's house.

As always, Dirty Grandma provided the entertainment. My cousin Michaela is having her birthday on Saturday, so we did some celebrating for her too. Its a biggie...she's going to be 10!

I made a batch of caramel brownies and had 4 requests for the recipe.

They didn't last long.

My sister Jennifer

My parents bought a birthday cake for me. I may have said WOOO very loudly, after I saw what kind of birthday cake it was because it wasn't any ordinary cake. It was a .....

CLOWN CAKE!!! hahahahahaa. I'm 29 and still get clown cakes. How awesome is that?

There's no way they'll ever be able to top the clown cake. :)
Hope everyone is enjoying their day off!


Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday! I would love a clown cake.

Laura said...

Happy birthday, Christina, you young'un (I'll be 36 next month)!

Your aunt's house looks so pretty (from what I can see in the picture, anyway) - I love the staircase and that pretty archway into the kitchen!

Cami said...

Happy birthday! Love the cake, never too old for that!

Snap said...

Happy, happy Birthday! Love your cake!

Bezzie said...

Happy Birthday to you AND your mom ;-)

T. Joi said...

Happy Birthday Christina. Wishing yuo many more. BTW, we had two Thanksgiving dinners as well. D had to work on Thanksgiving so I cooked today.

Dragonflymom said...

I think the cake is cute. Happy Birthday! Have fun with the second dinner.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Christina! Hope it was fantastic! Love the clown cake! :)