Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Starting early

Being as its already November, I'm gearing up for Thanksgiving. We've already taken down the Halloween decorations and are trying to figure out what to put up for this month.

While I'm contemplating decorations, lets start the Thanksgiving season off with a meme I found.

1. Which do you like better: Cooking at your house, or going elsewhere?
I like cooking at home best, unless I'm going to mom's house. Her Thanksgiving meals rock!

2. Do you buy a fresh or frozen bird?
I've only ever done frozen. Where would I even get a fresh turkey?

3. What kind of stuffing?
I don't like stuffing (don't lynch me), but hubby does.

4. Sweet potato or pumpkin pie?
Neither! Give me a chocolate pudding pie any day!

5. Do you believe that turkey leftovers are a curse, or the point of the whole thing?
I love turkey leftovers. I'll eat them for days until they're all done.

6. Which side dish would provoke a riot if you left it off the menu?
Garlic cheddar mashed potatoes. *drool*

7. Do you save the carcass to make soup or stock?
Nope, I've never made homemade soup.

8. What do you wish you had that would make preparing Thanksgiving dinner easier?
More counter space and an extra oven.

9. Do you get up at the crack of dawn to have dinner ready in the early afternoon, or do you eat at your normal dinner hour?
Crack of dawn. Yet, we still manage to eat later than usual.

10. If you go to somebody else's house, what's your favorite dish to bring?
Cake, pies, or fudge.

11. What do you wish one of your guests wouldn't bring to your house?
Nothing. Bring it all! heehee

12. Does your usual mix of guests result in drama, or is it a group you're happy to see?
No drama. We're a peaceful bunch...mostly.

13. What's your absolute favorite thing on the menu?
Have to go with the garlic cheddar mashed potatoes again.

14. What are you thankful for this year?
I'm thankful for a great family (especially my super awesome spawn), a good job, a nice place to live, coffee, and chocolate!

What are you thankful for this year?


Karen said...

I'm thankful for my family and my job, and all my bloggy friends. :)

As for fresh turkey...I dunno where he ordered it, but hubby says he ordered a turkey that will meet the big turkey in the sky and shipped to us the week of thanksgiving. I told him I'm NOT plucking feathers.

Kristina P. said...

I have been a big fan of going out to eat for Thanksgiving. No dishes or stress!

Snap said...

I love this meme and I think I'll play -- looks like a good Monday Mulling to me! I'm thankful for each day on lovely Mother Earth and spending them with my knight in shining armor!

Laura said...

Ha, I'm glad I'm not the only person who doesn't like stuffing! I don't like pumpkin pie either, or any pies for that matter - I hate pie crusts! Yes, I guess that makes me officially weird!

When my dad was alive, he used to make delicious rigatoni with homemade sauce, meatballs, sausages, and neckbones, for every holiday. It got eaten before the Thanksgiving turkey or Easter ham did!

Bezzie said...

I like the ranking of your things to be thankful for. Pi beats out the chocolate pudding pie! ;-)

kado! said...

What??? You've never made home-made soup? You have to start this year! it is the BEST!

and I'm with you on not liking the stuffing and pumpkin pie (never had sweet potato pie) I LOVE cherry & apple pie!

I'm thankful i get to go and visit our friends for Thanksgiving! WV in the country is a fun place to be for Thanksgiving!

Ally said...

I'm thankful for my family and awesome blog friends!

Are you making banana bread for the family on turkey day? Just made it yesterday and I know how much you guys enjoy it.