Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Trade

A few weeks ago, a photographer named Samantha Adams contacted me through Etsy. She must have noticed my pics were far from professional and offered to do a photo trade. The deal was that I'd send her an item she could keep in exchange for a photo and the rights to use in it my shop, blog, etc. for free. I thought this was a pretty sweet deal, especially since I don't have a baby model, and took her up on it.

Here are just a few of the many photos she sent me...

Little Button Loafers.

Baby Papoose

Granny Square Pom Pom hat

This last one is my newest design. I call it the Bubble Baby Pixie Bonnet but am open to suggestions for a new name. I still need to get the pattern tested.

I'm really happy with the pics. How can I not be with all those cute babies? I love babies! LOL Samantha is also really easy to work with. If anyone is interested in working with Samantha, let me know and I'll forward your contact info to her.

P.S. - I'm hoping to get my Christmas Tree today. Sooooo excited!


Anonymous said...

The pics are gorgeous!! How about Popcorn Pixie for the hat, (if they are popcorns). Or Pixie Bubble baby, baby Bubble Pixie,,,, (I will stop now) LOL!

T. Joi said...

Love the pictures and your work as always is wonderful.

Laura said...

Oh wow, that is so awesome! Samantha is a fantastic photographer! I might have to borrow my little niece Jenna when I get my Etsy shop up and need to display some baby items.

The bubble baby hat is adorable, by the way!

Kristina P. said...

These are awesome! What a great idea!

Bezzie said...

What a great trade!

Love the baby papoose ;-)!

Zuleika said...

What a great idea! Decent pics really do make a difference when you're selling online.
Cute baby!!!