Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

**This is a scheduled post, so we are probably opening gifts at the moment. Pics of the gift opening frenzy to follow later. :) **

Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas my blogging buddies!

Yesterday, we finished up the last of the baking...Pecan Tassies. These take a bit more effort than the other cookies but are worth it in the end. My mom and sisters specifically requested these this year.

(If you want the recipe to this one, I'll have to type it out, so let me know if you do want it).

The sweets all wrapped up and ready to go...

I finished my very last crochet gift at 11pm. That's the closest I've ever been to the wire and I never want to be that close again! Talk about stressful.
This is the unisex Oluchi hat by Donna Okoro, made for my sister's boyfriend. I might as well call him my brother in law, since he's been dating my sis for 4 years.

Here's the hat with the matching scarf. Its a simple dc scarf. Ch. 203, dc into the 4th ch. from hook and dc evenly for 11 rows.

Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone!!!


Bezzie said...

Merry Christmas!!

Laura said...

Merry Christmas! And great hats, especially the first one!

Lesalicious said...

Merry Christmas love the hat cute.:)

Ally said...

I LOVE pecan tassies! Yours look great! =)