Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baking Part Deux

Yesterday Pi and I buckled down and baked some more. We made these Peanut Butter cookies. This is the easiest and fastest recipe ever. Seriously. They're so good, that I've got a second batch for us to keep in the oven right now. Recipe is HERE.

We also made gingerbread cookies. I used a mix, because ginger cookies by hand is somewhat of a challenge for me, so no recipe to share, sorry. I bought icing pens and Pi decorated the ginger men and women. I bought the gel ones by mistake, but Pi didn't care, so all was well.

Here are the cookies in all their glory, waiting to go to their new homes on Christmas Day. I'm shocked I found this many large tupperware containers and cookie tins in my cabinets. This doesn't include the batch of Pecan Tassies that I've got cooling on the metal rack right now (pics of those later).

In huge news (for me anyway), I finished my sister's Christmas present! Its a round ripple in 2 shades of purple. Violet and Lilac Caron pounders. I used Aggie May's pattern (which you have to PM her at Crochetville to get the pattern).

It measures 66 inches from point to point and took 3 and a half pounder to complete. The last 8 rounds of the violet took an entire pounder alone. As I worked on the outer rounds, I thought it would never be done, since each round was taking over an hour each! So glad its done...phew. Its also safe to post the gift since my darling sister is currently on her way back from sunny Jamaica. Lucky bum!

For the cookies, from yesterday, here are the recipes:

Chocolate Chip recipe HERE
Sugar Cookie recipe HERE

All I've got left to finish is the hat and scarf for my sis' boyfriend. Can I do it today? Let's hope!


Bezzie said...

MMM....those cookies!!! And another afghan?! HOly cow woman!!!

Laura said...

The blanket is gorgeous! And I agree with Bezzie - you are one fast crocheter! Are you sure you don't want to send any cookies my way? LOL!

Kristina P. said...

Those cookies look delicious!

Merry Christmas, Christina!

Subway Hooker said...

Lordy, girl! You are quite the overachiever, aren't you!? Great job on the whole kit and caboodle!

Anonymous said...

Adopt me!!!! NOW!!!!!!!! Send cookies!!!!!! LOLOL!! The round ripple is fantastic!

Snap said...


Wow! The afghan is something else. What a lucky sister. Love the cookies and thanks for the recipes.

Zuleika said...

Oh My those cookies look yummy!! My family has been sick, and then just so busy that we never got around to making cookies. :-( I may give one of these recipes a try because really, who needs a holiday for an excuse to bake!? ;-)

T. Joi said...

Nothing but admiration. Great job on everything from the cookies to the afghans and the scarves. I LOVE chocolate chip cookies so I will be baking those today.