Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Progress, finally!

Oh yes, I'm talking about the Cathedral Window. I'd abandoned it for a few weeks, but you guys keep me accountable! A few of you have asked about the progress and that got my butt in gear, so I want to say thanks!
But before you get to see it, some other fun stuff.

I signed up for the Traveling Hook III charity project over at Crochetville (click the link to learn more). Anyhoo, Jimbo made a hook for this cause and also decided to randomly give away a hook for every 50 sign-ups. I was the first random winner!

The hook is gorgeous. Really, its a work of art. Its an "I" favorite size and the yarn just glides over it!! I feel very lucky to have a Jimbo hook of my own.

For Easter, we dyed eggs. Pi is learning to write cursive in school and decided she'd label the eggs with our names. I'm fairly sure her script is better than mine.

Rather than bake an apple pie like planned, I decided to make small apple tarts. I used the same recipe for the pie, but just cut the pie crust into bite size pieces and filled them. This was alot less messy for the kid and the leftovers were great for breakfast the next day. We popped them into the oven for 5 minutes and had them with coffee.

Now, onto the juicy stuff...the Cathedral Rose Window!

This is what it looked like the last time I'd worked on it.

This is what it looks like now!

I managed to finish all of section 2 since I've been on vacation. I wont lie...the end of section 2 had alot of cutting and reattaching which was incredibly unpleasant. Then all the sewing of the heptagons...ugh! A trip to the gyno might have been more fun! But I'm really happy with the results.
There are about a thousand little ends that need to be woven in under there. That'll be today's project.
If you don't see more progress posted in the next few weeks, please ask me about it and keep me on my toes!


CraftyAshley said...

Congrats on the hook! It looks gorgeous. Yea, look at that cathedral window grow!

*sorry had to fix my log in I made a different email account for the secret swap over at the ville and sometime I'm still logged in under that different gmail account.*

Laura said...

Wow, you've been one busy lady! The afghan looks gorgeous so far! I try to stay away from patterns involving a lot of attaching of pieces and weaving in of ends - I don't have the patience for it. : ) The hook is beautiful! Lucky, lucky, lucky, you! I'm amazed at how nice Pi's handwriting is, for being so young. My Dominic has good handwriting for a 5 year old, but my Bethany has a terrible time with handwriting. Her teachers think she may need occupational therapy, because's it's almost unreadable. She's going to the doctor on the 1st to be evaluated for ADD, and I'm going to ask for a referral for the therapy then. Asthma, allergies, eczema, math learning disability, and now possible ADD and a need for occupational therapy - what else is next? Sigh... : (

Jen said...

Wowsers, Christina - quite the set of accomplishments! Those apple tarts look poppably delicious, and the cathedral window is gorgeous!

Laurah said...

The Cathedral Afghan looks incredible! Your colors are turning out just gorgeous and you've gotten - halfway or two-thirds? Weaving in ends sucks, but it's definitely going to be worth it!
I thought that was a Jimbo hook. That's so exciting that you have one now!
I learned a modified cursive in grade school where you draw the letters exactly like script.
I never saw 'real' cursive until I moved to CA in the 5th grade. I started to practice cursive at my desk and I actually got in trouble for it because some kid complained that I was disrupting her learning during classtime. Can you believe that?
Anyway, that's great that your daughter is doing so well with her cursive. Fine motor skills are a must for a future little crocheter!

Zarah said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I'm totally coveting the new hook (and the tarts). The Cathedral Window is so beautiful - you have such an eye for color. Keep up the great work.

Lesalicious said...

Love the hook I keep saying I will sign up but, yet to.

Love how the Cathedral Window Afghan is looking great job keep it up. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that afghan!!

Bezzie said...

Oh wow! The Window looks great!!

And yum, those little apple tartlets look delish!

Andrea Moberly said...

All I can say is W-O-W... that cathedral window is awesome! Keep it up! I had to spend a ton of time weaving in all the ends for my JoJo blanket, but it wasn't so bad when i set aside time specifically for doing just that - don't despair!

Micky said...

It's beautiful!

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, that's SO gorgeous. I may have to seriously learn to crochet.

Subway Hooker said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, and more gorgeous! Fabulous work on the afghan!

And how lucky to have a Jimbo of your own???

AND I think you are so clever on those apple tarts!

Can you drop one off to me? Thanks! :-)

Vicki said...

I am LOVING your work!! How beautiful is the cathedral window? I love the colours you've used :-)

Mimi said...

Lucky you getting a Jimbo hook!
The Cathedral window is looking wonderful!

Caroline said...

The afghan is coming out beautiful, you should be thrilled! So lucky about the hook too! Tell PI to keep up the good work and take pride with her cursive. As a teacher, they say its a dying art form because of the computer and word processing!

Zuleika said...

She's doing great with her writing! I used to hate writing in cursive and stopped doing it immediately after I finished school! ;-) That afghan is so beautiful and has such lovely color! You must be proud as a peacock!