Monday, March 10, 2008

My First BLog Contest!

Happy National Crochet Month!

In celebration, I'm holding my first blog contest. Anyone can enter (even you international folks)!

The rules:

1. Look at the picture
2. Create a funny caption for said picture.
3. E-mail your funny caption to christinacreations at gmail dot com. You have until March 17th to submit an entry.
4. On March 18th, I will post all entries in the form of a poll and leave the poll open for voting until March 20th. On March 21st, the caption with the most votes will win the prize. (scroll down for a pic of the prize)

Anonymous husband took this gooftastic picture of me a few months ago. While its a bit embarassing, we think its hilarious and open to alot of interpretations. My feelings do not get hurt easily, so please feel free to be as crass and direct as you like! Good luck!!

Here's the prize! It's a felted version of the Waves of Color Tote Bag by oldbaglady. Its made of Patons Classic Merino wool in natural, deep olive, and some orange color I can't remember the name of. It measure s8 inches across and 9 inches tall.

I won't post again until Marh 18th, so this post stays at the top!

Have fun!


Laura said...

What a beautiful bag, and the picture is too funny! I need some time to think of a good caption though...

I also love the new "logo" at the top of your blog! What kind of software did you use to make it?

Mimi said...

Cute bag! Nice new look on your blog too ;)

Laurah said...

Love contests! I can't think of anything for the moment.
Also, the bag looks really good! There's only two versions on Ravelry right now. I like that you felted your version! Felting is still on my To Try list.
(How's the Cathedral coming along?)

Lesalicious said...

Ha you beat me to the contest thing. Love your new look to your blog oh so cool. Question can it be a funny crazy picture of my little ones besides me? Love the purse so cute.:)

CraftyAshley said...

I'm trying to think of something. And the bag is soo cute!

Christina said...

Thanks Laura! Anonymous husband made it for me. He drew the hooks and yarn on Paint and then layered them on Microsoft Image Pro. It was sweet of him to do!

Laurah, I haven't touched my Cathedral Window for awhile. I was supposed to work on it this weekend, but my bedroom started leaking because of the rain and we spent the weekend mopping up the pool in my bedroom.

We've got 6 entries so far!

Caroline said...

Love the bag chica! The new "look" of your blog is great; so clean and fresh!

I knew I'd find another boriquena sooner or later! LOL!

I'll be back with a caption!

Caroline said...

caption-"No, l really do like these new Sour Patch Kids! Really!

Laura said...


Go over to - the blog author, Denise, has an entry called "Happy Pi Day!" (you might have to scroll down to see it) - I thought about your daughter when I saw it!

Cami said...

What a beautiful bag. Love the colors. Those are some funny comments to the photo. Love them all!